Professional Athletes

purplepatch’s international team of professional athletes spans three continents, with six different countries represented. Read bios of each by clicking on their name or photo.

Recent Accomplishments

Below are just a few of the amazing accomplishment achieved by the purplepatch elite athletes over the last couple seasons:

Ironman Distance Racing

2015 Ironman Austria, 3rd
Sarah Piampiano: Another Ironman podium for Lil Poo.
2015 Ironman Texas, NA Championships, 6th
Sarah Piampiano: A solid outing in the US pro Championship with a 6th place finish.
2015 Ironman New Zealand, Champion
Meredith Kessler: It becomes a yearly event to write about this. Another win (#4 in a row) and a course record. Enough said.
2015 Challenge Wanaka, 2nd
Laura Siddall: A breakout performance for Laura with a wonderful 2nd place finish as a first year pro.
2014 Ironman Arizona, Champion
Meredith Kessler: Controlled wire to wire victory to make it Ironman win #5.
2014 Ironman Kona, 8th
Gina Crawford: A smart and consistent performance, capped with a 3 hour marathon, to complete another Top-10 finish by Gina.
2014 Bintan Metaman, Champion
Gina Crawford: A great win, going wire to wire, in a controlled and steady effort. A wonderful set up race for Gina's Kona campaign.
2014 Ironman Frankfurt, 3rd
Gina Crawford: In a very competitive field, Gina continued her stellar season and took 3rd at the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt.
2014 Ironman New Zealand, Champion
Meredith Kessler: The three-peat and a course record in a wonderful performance by Meredith.
2014 Ironman New Zealand, 2nd
Gina Crawford: Gina had a life-best Ironman performance, pushing Meredith all the way, to secure a 1-2 for purplepatch.
2014 Challenge Wanaka, 2nd
Gina Crawford: A nice start to her purplepatch journey, in an early season race for Gina
2013 Ironman Arizona, Champion
Meredith Kessler: Another stellar end of season performance for Meredith.
2013 Ironman New Zealand Champion
Meredith Kessler controlled the with a wire to wire victory to make it Ironman win #5.
2013 Ironman Australia Champion
Luke Bell's long awaited and deserved Ironman win for our seasoned pro Luke. A wire to wire to cap it off!
2013 Mont-Tremblant IM Champion
Luke Bell's solid race wins him his second IM title of the season.
2012 Ironman Arizona Champion
Linsey Corbin secures her second Ironman victory of the season, and a repeat of 2011 this win tops a career best season for Linsey.
2012 Ironman Arizona 2nd Place
Meredith Kessler finishes an amazing season of 5 wins and 8 total podiums with a brave 2nd place finish. Leading much of the race and passed by good friend and purplepatch teammate, Linsey Corbin, in the late stages. This massive effort came following two major bike crashes in the second half of the season that had resulted in broken vertebrae and concussions. A massive year for Meredith
2012 IM Roth Champion
Rachel Joyce led a wire-to-wire win, and second sub-9 hour performance for Rachel, who continues to evolve toward a crack at a Ironman World Championship victory
2012 Ironman Austria Champion
Linsey Corbin had a wonderfully balanced performance in her first racing experience in Europe. Her first of two Ironman titles in 2012
2012 Ironman Coeur d'Alene Champion
Meredith Kessler's win gives her an incredible 4th win in 2012 so far.
2012 Ironman Cairns 2nd Place
Belinda Harper had a breakout performance getting past in the very late stages of the run.
2012 Ironman St. George Champion
Meredith Kessler‘s dominating performance resulted in the first ever US women’s champ.
2012 2nd place IM Melbourne
An amazing 2nd place for Rachael Joyce smashing the 9hr marker.
2012 New Zealand Ironman Champion
Meredith Kessler dominated each discipline to take the win with a commanding finish.
2012 Abu Dhabi Champion
Great kick-off to the season with Rasmus Henning’s win and Rachael Joyce’s strong 5th place.
2011 2nd and 3rd place Ironman Arizona
Linsey's perfomance was the first sub-9 hour by a purplepatch female pro and Meredith nailed a 9 hour Ironman and another podium just two weeks after her 3rd place at ITU World Long Course Championships. Great ways to wrap a season!
2011 ITU Long Course World Champion
A great finish to 2011 for Rachel, she won the race with a great back end of the bike and a storming run. World Champion!
2011 3rd place ITU Long Course World Championships
Meredith's run continues, with a wonderful performance here. This was a great day for the girls and purplepatch!
2011 4th place Hawaii Ironman World Championships
The journey continues! Rachel is solid all day for another step toward the top!
2011 2nd Men’s 35 - 39 Hawaii Ironman World Championships
On a budget of 12 hours of training weekly, this was a fine performance by Sami Inkinen.
2011 5th Female Amateur Hawaii Ironman World Championships
Finishing a banner year for evolving Sarah Piampiano, and great platform to move to the pro ranks.
2011 Ironman Lanzarote Champion
Rachel Joyce had a stormer and broke the run course record!
2011 2nd place Ironman South Africa
Great early season race for Rachel, battle the impressive Chrissie Wellington once again.
2011 3rd place Ironman Texas
A wonderful performance, in a huge field, for Luke Bell. Signifying the return of the talented Aussie!
2011 3rd place Ironman Canada
To begin her back-to-back IM journey, Meredith had a strong 3rd place to add to her podium IM finishes.
2011 2nd place Ironman Wisconsin
Meredith rolls on with her IM journey, just missing the victory, but happy all the same.
2011 Overall Amateur Champion Ironman St George
Farm Project girl, Jess Smith, breaks out with an emphatic overall victory at IM St George!
2011 Overall Amateur Champion Ironman Coeur d’Alene
Sarah Piampiano took her 70.3 distance wins, and rolled them into a big win, in her first IM distance race ever!
2010 Ironman Coeur d’Alene Champion
Linsey Corbin won in an unforgettable battle of teammates against 2nd place Meredith Kessler.
2010 Ironman Canada Champion
Meredith built on her 2nd place at Coeur d’Alene and went wire-to-wire in her first IM win, in her first season!
2010 5th place Hawaii Ironman World Championships
Rachel builds on her 6th the year prior to a solid and impressive 5th place.
2010 2nd place Ironman St George
A wonderful start to her first year as a pro, Meredith Kessler took her first of three podium IM finishes in 2010.
2010 2nd and 4th place Ironman Arizona
Linsey Corbin and Meredith Kessler duke it out again, this time Linsey was second and Meredith 4th overall.
2010 2nd place Ironman Cozumel
In her goodbye race with purplepatch, after an amazing journey, Tyler Stewart finished a solid second at IM Coz.
2009 2nd place Hawaii Ironman World Championships
A career defining performance for Chris, leading until 3 miles to go, a wonderful day for him and purplepatch!

Ironman 70.3 Distance Racing

2015 Vineman 70.3, Champion
Meredith Kessler: A 4-Peat of wins in the vineyards, with another big performance. Her 7th win of the year so far
2015 Vineman 70.3, 3rd
Kevin Collington: Very solid, adding another podium to his fine year or progression.
2015 Ironman Mont-Tremblant 70.3, Champion
Meredith Kessler: Three wins in a row, and a big lead in this new favorite race for her.
2015 Ironman Mont-Tremblant 70.3, 2nd
Holly Lawrence: Finishing only one spot behind winner, teamate Meredith Kessler, a great performance for Holly.
2015 Ironman Mont-Tremblant 70.3, 3rd
Jesse Thomas: A big performance, and great day, despite only hitting third. Big performances for the entire podium today
2015 Ironman Eagleman 70.3, 3rd
Sarah Piampiano: Prepping for Ironman Austria in two weeks, Sarah secured a solid podium.
2015 Ironman Cairns 70.3, 3rd
Tim Reed: A big battle today, but Tim had to settle for third in this one.
2015 Challenge Williamsburg, Champion
Meredith Kessler: Back to back weekends, and another win for Meredith.
2015 Challenge Williamsburg, Champion
Kevin Collington: A big win for Kevin, and a double championship day for purplepatch.
2015 Ironman Raleigh 70.3, Champion
Meredith Kessler: MBK begins here summer stride with a solid and controlled win in NC.
2015 Ironman Vietnam 70.3, 2nd
Tim Reed: Tim headed East to Vietnam, and came back with another podium.
2015 Ironman St. George 70.3 - North American Championship, 2nd
Meredith Kessler: So close to the repeat of US Pro Champion, MBK hits a 2nd place finish in this thriller.
2015 Ironman Texas 70.3, 5th
Sarah Piampiano: Back to back from her win last week, a solid day, but only good enough for 5th.
2015 Ironman New Orleans 70.3, 3rd
Tim Reed: A quick dash to race in the US secures another podium for Tim
2015 Ironman New Orleans 70.3, Champion
Sarah Piampiano: A fastest bike (including 2 flats), fastest run and new course record. Not a bad way to win!
2015 Ironman Oceanside 70.3, 3rd
Holly Lawrence: In her first US based pro race, and second Ironman 70.3 ever, Holly led from the start, and just surrendered the lead in the final miles
2015 Ironman Oceanside 70.3, 5th
Jesse Thomas: A world class field, and a very solid comeback race following surgery. A good start for JT.
2015 Ironman Monterrey 70.3, 2nd
Sarah Piampiano: A great start to the season, just missing out on the win.
2015 Ironman Monterrey 70.3, 2nd
Kevin Collington: A great start to his purplepatch career with a 2nd place finish.
2015 Ironman Philippines Subic Bay 70.3, Champion
Tim Reed: Backing up a solid start to the season with another W.
2015 Challenge Dubai, 2nd
Tim Reed: Very strong all day on the bike, backed up with the fastest run split. A big result in a major field.
2015 Auckland 70.3 - Asia-Pacific Championship, Champion
Meredith Kessler: A great wire to wire win and a solid season opener.
2015 Auckland 70.3 - Asia-Pacific Championship, Champion
Tim Reed: A dominating performance, and fastest run, with the big W for Timbo.
2014 70.3 World Champs, 7th
Tim Reed: A truly great performance, with a great effort on the bike to bring himself back into contention, and a solid run to leave another high World Championship placing.
2014 Mandurrah 70.3 (Australian Champion), 2nd
Tim Reed: Coming off the back of Kona, Tim turned around and displayed his performance evolution with a great bike performance and solid run. This makes him a two-time Australian Champion
2014 Princeton 70.3, 2nd
Jesse Thomas: A solid performance by Jesse, who just missed out on the overall win via another sprint finish.
2014 Sunshine Coast 70.3, 3rd
Gina Crawford: A great hit out for Gina, while in the midst of Kona training, she displayed her improved riding prowess
2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championships, 4th
Meredith Kessler: After a bruising start to the race, that included her earlobe being ripped in two, Meredith went on to battle back for a solid 4th place finish.
2014 Challenge New Albany, Champion
Meredith Kessler: A wire to wire win, and another controlled and dominating win for Miss Mere.
2014 Vineman 70.3, Champion
Meredith Kessler: Used her tied-for-race best swim, race best bike and second best run for her third straight Vineman 70.3 win.
2014 Vineman 70.3, Champion
Tim Reed: Continues his tremendous season with his second 70.3 win in three weeks at Vineman 70.3. Tim exited the swim with the lead pack, had a race best bike split and then unleashed his run to take the top spot on the podium.
2014 Buffalo Springs 70.3, Champion
Tim Reed: Tim Reed had a wonderful and controlled day to take the overall title.
2014 Buffalo Springs 70.3, 3rd
Jesse Thomas: Followed up his win at Mont-Tremblant last week with a solid 3rd, for a tough double.
2014 Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant, Champion
Meredith Kessler: A massive day for Meredith, taking the win and a course record by 14 minutes.
2014 Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant, Champion
Jesse Thomas: A great day, and a course record, for Jesse Thomas.
2014 Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant, 3rd
Laura Siddel: 3rd Female pro in her second purplepatchI> race, and one of first pro races.
2014 Wildflower, Champion
Jesse Thomas: Repeating victory yet again, strong to the finish with a broken foot.
2014 Ironman 70.3 Aix en Provence, 3rd
Gina Crawford: Gina begins her European campaign with a solid race in France.
2014 Ironman 70.3 New Orleans, 2nd
Sarah Piampiano: Set a course record on the bike.
2014 Ironman 70.3 Texas, 2nd
Emma-Kate Lidbury: Just misses out on the win, but a good performance to set the stage for a great year
2014 Ironman 70.3 Texas, 3rd
Sarah Piampiano: Fastest Female Bike Split.
2014 Oceanside 70.3, 3rd
Meredith Kessler: Coming off her IMNZ win, a solid podium for Meredith.
2014 Ironman 70.3 Geelong, 2nd
Tim Reed: A great ding dong battle with Craig Alexandar, with 2nd going to Tim
2014 Ironman 70.3 Pucon, 2nd
Sarah Piampiano: Fastest Female Run Split
2013 Ironman 70.3 Augusta, 3rd
Emma-Kate Lidbury: A solid podium on a hot and tough day.
2013 Vineman 70.3, Champion
Meredith Kessler: Coming off a major concussion only 5 weeks prior, Meredith led wire-to-wire in a wonderful performance.
2013 Vineman 70.3, 2nd Place
Tim Reed: An exceptionally strong performance, in a top flight field, saw Tim ride back to the front group and then put together the fastest run split, to gain a highly regarded 2nd place
2013 Racine 70.3, 3rd Place
Tim Reed: Following a very tough race the week prior, Tim felt the race from the week prior, but stayed consistent and strong to stay on the podium.
2013 Lake Stevens 70.3, Champion
Meredith Kessler: Backing up a week following her Vineman win, Meredith raced exceptionally strong, breaking the course record on her way to back-to-back weeks of Ironman 70.3 victories.
2013 Steelhead 70.3, Champion
David Kahn: A breakout performance from David, who since joining purplepatch at the start of this year had to completely transform his approach. Recent adversity was washed away with this wire-to-wire win.
2013 Ironman 70.3 Kansas, Champion
Emma-Kate Lidbury: A great win on a tough days racing, leading throughout.
2013 Ironman 70.3 Raleigh, 2nd
Emma-Kate Lidbury: Back and forth with former Olympian, Lauran Bennet, in a great race for Eccles
2013 New Caledonia International Triathlon 70.3, Champion
Tim Reed: A solid bike and great, even paced, run allowed Tim to run away with this one.
2013 Ironman 70.3 Busselton, 2nd
Tim Reed: Another solid performance for Tim, as he finishes off an Australian summer with a fine 2nd place
2013 Wildflower 70.3, Champion
Jesse Thomas: 3-Peat Champion - the definition of athlete evolution, as Jesse progresses from 'who is that guy' to one of the members Wildflower legends.
2013 St. George 70.3, Champion
Meredith Kessler: Becoming US Pro Champion, a huge win and emotional boost to overcome a World-Class field.
2013 Ironman 70.3 Texas, Champion
Emma-Kate Lidbury: A wire to wire win with an impressive performance throughout.
2013 Oceanside 70.3, 2nd
Jesse Thomas: An epic duel with champion Andy Potts, a wonderful breakthrough performance and lesson in racing.
2013 Asia-Pacific Championship 70.3 Auckland, 3rd
Meredith Kessler: Solid season opener for Meredith on a wet and twisty course.
2013 Ironman Pucon 70.3, 2nd
Sarah Piampiano: A great season opener, just missing out on the win.
2013 Huskisson Long Course Triathlon, Australia 70.3 Champion
Tim Reed's wins with a race of great execution that delivered the overall victory.
2013 Escape from Alcatraz, 3rd Place
Jesse Thomas has a solid season opener following a big bout of training.
2013 New Caledonia International Triathlon 70.3 Champion
With a solid bike and great, even paced, run allowed Tim to run away with this one.
2013 Mt Trembalnt 70.3 Champion
Coming off a couple of months of injury-setback, Linsey storms out with a dominating victory in Quebec.
2013 Buffalo Springs 70.3, 2nd Place
A great battle in a very strong field, Tim secured a well earned 2nd place.
Ironman 70.3 Poconos Champion
Jesse's 3rd overall win of 2012 cemented the knowledge of success in evolving his riding performance, a massive goal of this season. He now becomes a scary balance of swimming, biking and running, making him a contender in any race.
Ironman World Championship 70.3: Age Group Champion
Rob Lea in his second year in the sport, and first season of hitting any podium, Rob developed into an Ironman 70.3 World Champion, with a gutsy wire-to-wire win.
Ironman Muskoka 70.3 Champion
In setting up her final run at Ironman Hawaii World Championships, Rachel Joyce won with a wire-to-wire performance, which oozed control and world-class performance.
Rev 3 Vermont Champion
Jesse Thomas had a great swim, followed by a dominant bike ride highlighted the massive swim and bike improvements made by Jesse in this tough Olympic distance event.
Vineman 70.3 Champion
Potentially a career-best performance so far from Meredith Kessler, battling with the then current Ironman 70.3 World Champion, getting passed, then passing for the win, in a very fast 4 hours and 10 minutes. All this on the back of an Ironman Coeur d'Alene win three weeks prior and a week following a 2nd place finish at Rev 3 Portland.
2012 Ironman Hawaii 70.3 Champion
Linsey stepped up  in very challenging conditions, even managing to take a new course record in the process.
2012 Eagleman 70.3 Champion
A special performance by Meredith Kessler, leading wire to wire and recording 4 hours and 12 minutes.
2012 Ironman Kansas 70.3 Champion
Rachel followed a tough couple of months of sickness to build back into a wire-to-wire win at Kansas.
2012 Florida Triathlon 2nd Place
Jennifer Tetrick with a gutsy finish takes her first podium of 2012.
2012 Widlflower Triathlon Overall Champion
Returning champion Jesse Thomas takes it for the second year in a row.
2012 Widlflower Triathlon 2nd Place
Linsey Corbin found her podium spot in 2nd with a strong swim and a lead off the bike.
2012 New Orleans 70.3 Champion
First time pro win for Sarah Piampiano with plenty excitement to come.
2012 Half Challenge Fuerteventura Men’s and Women’s Champions
Emma-Kate Lidbury took the lead in the swim and never let go with the fastest split on the bike as well. Rasmus Henning with an impressive bike split took his second win on the year.
2012 2nd place Puerto Rico 70.3
Linsey Corbin takes 2nd in an exciting dual to the end.
2012 3rd place Costa Rica 70.3
With a nice start to his season, Jesse Thomas, takes third among a strong field of competitors.
2011 2nd Place Male Ironman 70.3 World Championships 
A great performance, only out-done by Craig Alexander, who was on a special day!
2011 3rd Place Female Ironman 70.3 World Championships
A return to top form, and reestablishing herself among the top player in the World with this podium finish for Linsey Corbin!
2011 1st Overall Amateur Female Ironman 70.3 World Championships
From nobody to World Champion, Jess Smith had a resume of close to zero in 2010. She is now a World Champion!
2011 1st place Male 35 - 39 Ironman 70.3 World Championships
The time-crunched executive proves that effective training does not have to dominate life, and Sami Inkinen wins his age group!
2011 Wildflower Triathlon Overall Champion
In one of the performances of the year, rookie pro Jesse Thomas shocks the field at Wildflower!
2011 Ironman Texas 70.3 Overall Champion
In a stacked field, Chris Lieto dominates the bike as usual, but wins on the run with his 1.13 split, becoming US National Champion in the process!
2011 1st, 2nd, 3rd place Overall Ironman Hawaii 70.3
A purplepatch day, Luke Bell continues his fine season with the win, and is joined on the podium by Chris and Matt Lieto. We like the sweep!
2011 Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 Overall Champion
Luke Bell could not miss this year, another 70.3 win in dominating fashion!
2011 Pucon Ironman 70.3 Overall Champion
Linsey Corbin sets 2011 off right with an impressive win in Chile.
2011 Timberman 70.3 Overall Champion
Rasmus Henning joins purplepatch and shows he can ride! A controlled and impressive win for the Dane.
2010 Vineman 70.3 Overall Champion
Chris Lieto dominates in one of the best performances we have seen from him. Controlled, strong, smooth.
2010 Ironman Kansas 70.3 Overall Champion
Chris Lieto continues his run of Ironman 70.3 wins with a solid day in Kansas.
2010 Buffalo Spring Ironman 70.3 Overall Champion
Chris Lieto wins his third 70.3 distance race of 2010. A huge improvement for the US athlete.
2010 Steelhead Ironman 70.3 Overall Champion
James Cotter shines through and wins his first Ironman 70.3 – he has a future in this sport!
2010 Cancun Ironman 70.3 Overall Champion
Luke Bell welcomes himself to purplepatch, and goes on to win Cancun. Welcome Luke!
... and too many Ironman 70.3 podiums to mention!

Congratulations to our family of professional athletes, keep up the great work!