purplepatch has teamed with a number of partners that aid the beginner, intermediate to professional athlete in going beyond the typical endurance training regimen. These companies offer products that Matt Dixon leverages in purplepatch Pillars of Performance to train his professional and amateur athletes to achieve the peak of performance. These partners’ offerings aid the endurance athlete in specific functional and cycling strength training, emphasizing on focused intensity. Our partners also offer feedback tools that aid in understanding your training and fitness levels, allowing one to customize and dial in specific training needs.

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purplepatch Cycling, Triathlon, and Casual Gear

The range of purplepatch gear is expanding: Cycling & Tri Kits, Transition bags, and more coming soon, check here often to see all the purplepatch gear.

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CycleOps Power

CycleOps power meters might not fit directly into one of our pillars of performance, but their selection on power-based power meters and trainers will maximize your ability for efficient and targeted training in cycling training. Power, measured in conjunction with heart rate and perceived effort, is the gold standard of tracking progress, specific training and maximizing efficiency. We have found no better tool for cyclists and triathletes of all levels, whether power-based indoor cycling or power-meters on the bike. The only way to truly make your training specific, track your progress, and dial in your efforts to allow maximal gains.

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TRX Training

Functional strength training should be a fundamental part of any endurance athletes overall program. Not only strengthening, but improving the synchronization of sport-specific movement and power production, all exercises should translate to improved endurance movement. The best tool we have found, to sit at the center of any program, is the TRX suspension trainer and TRX rip trainer. These tools are easy to use, always progressive in nature, and can be applied to the training of a professional athlete, or newbie fitness enthusiast, with similar effect and benefit. A perfect and portable support to all your endurance training needed to improve.

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Tower 26

When training for swimming or open water swimming, there are plenty of tools available for you to use. Not all of them will help your swimming, and some may hurt you. For the vast majority of swimmers, a few simple tools can become your best friends; a swimmers snorkel is perhaps most important, but you should not miss a buoy, ankle strap and a pair of soft, medium-length fins. To make it easy on you, simply grab a special package designed by our partners, Tower 26, with everything you need to set up your swimming training.

Tower 26 Swim Package



Maintaining health is central to maximizing training adaptations. You certainly train hard, so how can you track your state of recovery, or, readiness to train? RestWise is a wonderful tool, that utilizes subjective and objective data collection, to give us highly valuable information on your readiness to train, as well as how you respond to different training loads.

With busy lives and/or high training loads, we believe all endurance athletes to utilize this tool to help make smart and informed training decisions. It is also a great way for us, the coaches, to monitor you from afar and catch deep fatigue before negative effects occur.

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Developed by a passionate team of entrepreneurs with athletic, technology and design backgrounds, PEAR Sports was born from the desire to make the latest training science accessible and usable for anyone looking to reach a fitness or performance goal. With hundreds of custom workout plans and counting, PEAR’s intelligence-based customizable workouts give users the ability to train side-by-side with a world-class coach. PEAR acts as a personal trainer, delivering real-time coaching, support, and data feedback while users listen to their favorite music. Users then sync to the PEAR Portal post-workout to view training results, track progress, and share performance with friends.  Get more information at the PEAR website.


PEAR Sports Website.