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The purplepatch digital training platform purplepatch also offers...

What does this mean? We believe there are 4 key area’s to optimize athletic success; Training Plan, Guidance & Education, Accountability, and Community & Support.  Your guided training plan is much more than a roadmap.  Yes, the program gives you the specific workouts to help you improve, but also supports you along the way, educates you and links you into the wonderful purplepatch community.  Much more than just a plan, you will go on a journey, and we want to go on your performance journey with you.

What's included in every plan?

  • A complete daily training program that progresses over the course of the training toward your goal.
  • Support and feedback with weekly ‘office hours’ video chat with Matt Dixon
  • Ongoing support and feedback from your dedicated plan-support email service, to help you implement your plan successfully and respond to your training questions.
  • Performance specific educational packages on nutrition, recovery and functional strength - the purplepatch pillars of performance.
  • A comprehensive education program including webinars, podcasts and videos on all aspects of performance, race preparation and training success.
  • An educational weekly bulletin from Matt Dixon, written specifically for purplepatch coached athletes, with a heavy emphasis of training and performance education.
  • Integration into the purplepatch athlete community, a forum to share training stories, link up with other purplepatchers, and gain valuable support and advice.

Coaching with a purplepatch pro - If the group thing isn’t your thing, you might prefer individual guidance, support and training plan development.  Get real coaching from one of our professional coaches, who lead under the guidance and direct supervision of Matt Dixon, and utilize the purplepatch training methodology and workouts. Learn more.

One-on-one coaching with Matt Dixon - Would you like to be coached by Matt Dixon?  He holds a few spots open for athletes who are in search of the same level of guidance and support usually reserved for the professional athletes.  Spaces are very limited in this program, and available through discussions directly with Matt.  Learn more.

Consulting plans - Are you relatively self-sufficient, but would really prefer a customized solution built by Matt Dixon? With this program Matt will review your training and education, with regular consultations, and build a customized training solution specific to your goals, needs and schedule.  Learn more.