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What is the VTS?

The purplepatch Virtual Training Squad (VTS) is a comprehensive online training service that enables endurance athletes of all abilities and lifestyles access to custom training, education and support programs built and led directly by world-class triathlon coach, Matt Dixon.


Who is the VTS for?

VTS is not for everbody. The Virtual Training Squad is geared towards motivated individuals looking to improve athletic performance by maximizing training and racing potential.
  • Motivated individual looking to take your training and racing to the next level?
  • Athlete looking for the personal guidance, education and ongoing support of Matt Dixon?
  • Athlete in search of dynamic, customizable training program that speaks directly to your ability and lifestyle?
  • Athlete interested in the support and camaraderie of a growing community of like-minded endurance athletes?

If your answer is yes...welcome to thepurplepatch Virtual Training Squad!


Whats included in your Virtual Training Squad (VTS) membership?

01. Flexible Training Program

Life is inherently unpredictable. The interplay of work, family and social commitments, creates a challenging training environment. Each athlete's circumstance and ability is unique and their training plan should reflect that.
  • Year-round flexible daily training plan
  • Fully Customized season roadmap to plan your events and training approach
  • Custom race-specific build, taper, and recovery plans for all of your A/B-races
  • Ongoing performance benchmark and training zone assessments
  • Integrated season-long functional strength program

02. Education

Education is a cornerstone of the purplepatch training philosophy. A strong knowledge foundation empowers athletes to think smart and maximize their performance potential. All VTS members will have access to a comprehensive library of information, including:
  • Weekly instructional videos focusing on the week of training ahead (understand the why and how of the workouts!)
  • Online seminars with accredited industry-experts and accomplished pro-athletes
  • Comprehensive archive of videos, podcasts and white papers
  • Weekly coaches bulletins written by Matt Dixon for purplepatch athletes, focusing on a key aspect of performance training (nutrition, recovery, strength, etc.)
  • Race-specific advice and insights from Matt Dixon, experts and pro-community

03. Feedback and Support

Learn, adapt and evolve with thorough ongoing feedback and support.
  • Bi-weekly video "hangout" meetings with Matt Dixon to learn and ask any questions on your training and performance
  • Ongoing evaluation and assessment of performance benchmarks and training zones
  • Online Q&A plan and training support (24-hr turnaround)
  • Tracking and analysis of performance and race results

04. Community

Become educated, inspired and motivated through the power and support of the purplepatch community.
  • Interact and share experiences with like-minded individuals through the VTS forum
  • Identify and meet up with fellow team members at key race events
  • Participate in team training camps and other purplepatch special events