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Come on a performance journey with purplepatch

Get access to the same triathlon training programs, education and guidance purplepatch (Matt Dixon) has used to secure over 75 Ironman/Ironman 70.3 podium finishes for the purplepatch professional athletes in the past two years.

The purplepatch guided training plans are designed to provide a complete solution to your training, racing and performance needs.  The purplepatch guided training program is built around the purplepatch pillars of performance that set up the opportunity for maximal success for all levels of athlete.  Once you begin your plan, you become a part of the purplepatch family of athletes, and will gain ongoing guidance, feedback and support directly from Matt Dixon and the purplepatch team throughout your training and racing journey.   These guided programs are the perfect plans for a set, specific race build, however, if you are looking for a season long approach, check-out our virtual training squad.

What events can I train for ?

You can train with purplepatch for any IRONMAN, HALF IRONMAN or OLYMPIC DISTANCE event! Your plan will be tailored to your race day, and the guidance, feedback and education will help you prepare specifically for your event. Remember, this is more than a plan, and the ongoing resources, community and feedback from Matt Dixon and the team can help you get ready for any race in the world of triathlon. 

If you'd like a longer training build into your race than these 12 or 14 week plans offer, we recommend joining the virtual training squad, for the duration, whether that is 5 months or 12 months.

 The purplepatch guided training plan includes, for the duration of your program you will have access the purplepatch athletes portal (Portal landing page, Forum, Plan Support and FAQ, and more), including:


Progressive Training Plan

  • Specificity: Specific progressive workouts based on your race distance or key events
  • Tailored Training: Different plan levels based on intensity, time availability and training load
  • Guidance: Every week of training comes with a Weekly Video Overview from Matt Dixon on how to approach the week, focus of the main sessions and other education

Support and Feedback

  • Meetings with Matt: Weekly (group) video chat with Matt Dixon, where you can ask questions on your plan, training progression or any performance topic of interest ahead of the meeting and review the recording afterward in the Athlete Portal.
  • Plan support: Dedicated plan-support for purplepatch athletes, where you can ask questions about your training and plan.


  • Coaches Bulletin:  An educational weekly bulletin by Matt Dixon, reviewing recent questions asked by current athletes, Matt’s thoughts about training and any athlete-specific news you might need to hear
  • Education stream and library:  You will be sent a stream of plan and performance specific podcasts, videos and resources to help you prepare for and gain a deeper understanding of your event and performance.

Community and Accountability

  • Benchmark and tracking:  We will help you set training zones, record your results and provide feedback on your progression
  • Athlete connections:  Join our athlete community page and connect with other athletes prepping for events, gaining support, camaraderie and advice.