Individual Coaching

Allow purplepatch to educate, coach and plan your fitness and athletic goals with one of these fully customized training and fitness solutions. Whether you are coached by Matt Dixon, or one of the purplepatch pro athletes; you will be guided under the same methodology and principles that our professional athletes follow. Every program is built specifically for you and your life-situation, and is supported with ongoing support, education and refinements to ensure your success.

Learn directly from the experts that work with the purplepatch pros. Book time with Paul and discover just how powerful you really are. Paul has over 20+ years experience in the biking industry. Some say Paul is the best bike practioner in the world, we agree. We are very proud to offer his expertise to you.

Have Matt Dixon guide, educate and coach you to the level that is usually reserved for his professional athletes.

Matt Dixon will educate you, guide you, and plan your season in this highly effective consulting and program planning package.


Food has many connections aside from fueling our bodies. As an athlete, lifestyle demands can derail even the strongest mind-body connection of wellness. In the comprehensive consult will examine current sleep, eating, and training habits. With this background, we will create a plan that fits with your life to enhance body composition, recovery, sleep, and overall health.  This is the foundation of health to allow your performance training to have optimal effect.

While technically a group program, you will have direct access to Matt Dixon and you will be using plans built personally by Matt Dixon, and will have access to 24x7 plan support to help with any questions along the way.