Purplepatch Pillars of Performance


This is the sport specific demand placed on the body to trigger adaptations in the areas of swimming, biking, and running.  The purplepatch focus of this training is to achieve the necessary volume while combining it with healthy lifestyle practices to avoid accumulated fatigue and improve performance.

Functional Strength

Functional strength is resistance training to target mobility, stability and strength to support and improve the movements necessary for a specific sport.  Proper and progressed functional training can improve your biomechanics and efficiency of different muscle groups which all lead to more athletic movements, improved performance, and injury prevention.

Nutrition & Fueling

Nutrition and fueling are what purplepatch fitness uses to highlight the specific purposes of calories intake. They are distinct, yet synergistic aspects of an optimal nutritional approach to support training.  Fueling describes the calories needed to successfully complete a training session or event.Nutrition will encompass the remainder of an athletes diet, outside the fueling window.


Recovery is the body’s physiological process to compensate for the demands of a progressive training load.  Physiological adaptation (e.g. metabolic rest & rebuilding) of the body takes time and must be structured in order to elicit the changes that will optimize athletic performance.





The Dixon-ary

donkey dipped in cement


when running form falls apart and you lose efficiency and speed; due to mechanical and muscular fatigue

You aren't holding proper form! You look like a donkey dipped in cement!

fit and fresh


arriving at a race feeling prepared and energized

He arrived at his race prepared and well-rested, he was fit and fresh.



no more conservative approach, let it fly

Release the guv'nor!

impress me, don't depress me


Said before the big main set or tough interval.

COME ON! Impress me, don't depress me. 

it's emotional


get on with it, YOU can do it.

This session is a tough one, by the time you get to the end... finish strong, it's emotional!

monkey's knuckle


the last interval of a main set.

Here comes the Monkey’s Knuckle, leave nothing on the table!

porkchop paradise

Proper noun

when you are working hard

These hill repeats are likely to place you in a Porkchop Paradise.



a period of excellent performance, where nearly everything seems to go right, work properly, and contrasting with a more general lower level of performance.

It's no wonder I PR'd. I prepared properly, executed and just fell into a purplepatch

smoking jackets

Noun, Adjective

smooth and easy

As we’re wrapping up a recovery week, ensure it’s a smoking jacket Sunday ride.

Alright, put on your smoking jackets today. Don’t be  a hero.

strong like bull, smart like tractor


someone that trains super hard without purpose or direction

Steven always gets caught up in the pack, he’s strong like bull, smart like tractor.

suffering like a rented mule


self explanatory

You went out far too strong, you came home suffering like a rented mule. 

the hat of justice


a towel placed on Matt’s head that rendors him completely impartial and allows him to make non-biased judgements of one’s performance.

Time for an honest assesment of that effort, on with the hat of justice. 

This is the beginning of the end


The start of the final interval.

Here we are... this is the beginning of the end.

The Team

Matt Dixon brings a unique blend of professional coaching experience, elite athletics and education to lead the Purple Patch team. His Master’s degree in clinical and exercise physiology combined with his experience as an elite swimmer and professional triathlete form the backbone of his coaching philosophy, the Purple Patch Pillars of Performance, a much broader and adaptive view of the path to peak performance than conventional endurance sports coaching. He is a highly sought after resource in the fitness and endurance community, writing and contributing to multiple publications and organizations such as Triathlete Magazine, USA Triathlon, Outside Magazine and Powertap. He has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Men’s Journal, Outside, Men’s Fitness, and Men’s Health. Matt is the author of ‘The Well Built Triathlete’, 'Fast Track Triathlete', IRONMAN U Master Coach, lead hydration advisor for Camelbak, and sits on the advisory board for LUMO Technologies.

With Matt Dixon’s Purple Patch Pillars of Performance, athletes of varying goals and capacities are able to train throughout the week using the same philosophy and methodology. The Purple Patch mission is to create an effective program for all to follow, without forcing athletes into a standardized program that simply doesn’t fit into their life.


Paul Buick is one of the most respected cycling fit and coaching experts in the world. With an extensive background in bicycle racing, coaching, and fitting, Paul brings a unique offering to the Purple Patch professional and amateur athletes. Paul plays an active role in the planning, coaching, and review of the entire Purple Patch professional squad, as well as a large number of the athletes in the amateur PPF community. His blend of scientific knowledge, and intimate knowledge of bicycle design, handling and skills make him an invaluable mentor and teacher to Purple Patch as a whole. Paul is married with two children, and is based in Christchurch, NZ.

Kelli is the other key component of the ‘McDixon leadership’, as Matt and Kelli are the married co-owners of purplepatch. She brings extensive business acumen to the purplepatch leadership team, working in technology for more than twenty years with organizations including T-Mobile, Double-Click and, most recently, several years with Google.  It is Kelli’s passion and enthusiasm for seeing people realize their potential that led her to depart a highly successful career in technology in 2013 to co-lead the vision and development of purplepatch fitness.  

Kelli has been an athlete and endurance enthusiast throughout her life, as a competitive gymnast, skier, white water kayaker and now cyclist. She appreciates the passion and dedication required to excel in any endeavor, and she excels at helping people push beyond their perceived limits to realize their own potential.  At purplepatch, Kelli is integral in strategy, product development, culture development, athlete experience and marketing.

Tyler joined purplepatch fitness in the fall of 2012, but has been in the family much longer, being the younger brother of Kelli.  A former Division I collegiate wrestler, he graduated with a combined degree in Computer Engineering and Liberal Arts from Columbia University.  Before joining purplepatch, Tyler enjoyed a 16 year career at Bankers Trust / Deutsche Bank where he worked for an industry recognized #1 business line, as well as multiple projects that won or were finalist for industry Technology awards.  As the self-proclaimed ‘Head of the Nerdery’, Tyler blends his rich professional background with a love for sports to drive the Technology and Operations vision here at purplepatch.  Currently based in North-Central Massachusetts; when not at his computer he’ll often be out on his bike enjoying the New England country-side.

Tom started helping out with purplepatch back in the days when Matt ran the site from his laptop. His involvement grew as the company grew, eventually joining fulltime in the summer of 2014.  Tom is a former Division 1 colligate swimmer that continues to train and coach swimming today. He has an MBA with a focus in technology. His experience spans 20 years in Technology Operations Management, Development, and Product and Program Management. Being part of the ‘Nerdery’ Tom helps drive the vision and execution of purplepatch’s world-class training portal and operations. Most importantly he has an awesome genius wife and two amazing children. 

Kyla spent her undergrad at U.C. Davis working with Dr. Liz Applegate educating collegiate athletes on proper pre, during and post fueling and hydration strategies to best support performance. Kyla worked with athletes on day-to-day healthy eating as well as game day or race day strategies to accelerate endurance and recovery. Post graduation, Kyla spent time working with Dr. Stacy Sims, MSc, PhD, Osmo Founder where she discovered her passion for the nutrition requirement specificities for men and women in sports. Kyla founded and created Nutritional Revolution, a sports nutrition consulting company where she works with beginner to advanced level triathletes, crossFit athletes, marathon runners and those looking to just slim down or gain muscle. Kyla’s favorite forms of exercise involve getting outside, whether it be on a trail run, mountain bike ride, or a few laps in the pool.

Name:  Michael Olzinski


Nickname:  Olzy


Current Location:  San Anselmo, CA


Hometown:  Endicott, NY


Education:  BA in Biology, MSc in Exercise Physiology


A Little About Mike

Michael Olzinski is one of the longest-standing Purple Patch team members, rising through the ranks from intern to assistant coach. With a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology and his IRONMAN U certification, Mike is a great asset to the Purple Patch team. Since joining Purple Patch, Mike has been an integral part of the coaching team which has qualified over 200 athletes to the Hawaii IRONMAN World Championships and 300 athletes to the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships. He has guided over 50 athletes to age group victories and podiums at several IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 events across the world. Since relocating from Brooklyn to San Francisco, Mike has taken the head coaching role for many of the local Purple Patch group training sessions.


Coaching Experience

  • Purple Patch Fitness Assistant Coach
  • 2 years assistant coaching and testing in DI college athletics
  • 6 years Strength and Conditioning coaching at Equinox Fitness (NSCA certified)
  • 2 years lead Endurance coach at Crossfit South Brooklyn
  • USATF Level 1 certified
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 coaching certified
  • IRONMAN certified coach


Athletic Highlights

  • NY State Champion in Hockey
  • 3 years DII Lacrosse
  • 4:41 in 70.3, 2:09 in Oly
  • 1:15:39 in 13.1
  • 4:34 1-mile (4:15 1500-m) run
  • 50-mile run finisher in Squamish, BC


Why PPF?

"Purple Patch has changed my life forever because of the philosophy around blending performance into life.  Ever since joining Matt and the team, I feel purely intentional around every single aspect of my life and thus I accomplish more than I ever thought I could.  PPF has influenced every part of my life, and I believe very strongly in trying to continue spreading that concept."



  • Mountain biking
  • Playing the guitar
  • Learning languages (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • New York Ranger hockey


Did You Know?

Mike trained for and ran a 50-miler and a 4:35 mile on the track in a 10 month period.  His 10-year goal is to perform music live and not get boo'ed off the stage.


Mike's Support Crew 

  • His brother, Brad, and sister, Molly
  • His mom and dad out in NY
  • "Every athlete that I've ever had the pleasure of working with give me incredible motivation and happiness to be my best.  



Name:  Matthew Hurley


Current Location:  Sausalito, California


Hometown:  Belfast, Maine


Education:  BA in Political Science from Wheaton College, Massachusetts


A Little about Matthew

Matthew Hurley is a lifelong endurance athlete who moved to San Francisco to take his dream job to coach with Purple Patch. He was a competitive swimmer, national qualifier and swam for four years at Wheaton College (MA) where he graduated with a degree in Political Science. He discovered Triathlon after college and coached multi-sport athletes for 3 years in his home state of Maine. Matthew is a three-time champion at SwimRun events and hopes to compete in the ÖTILLÖ World Championships in Sweden. He trained under Coach Doug Welling before moving to San Francisco.


Coaching Experience

Purple Patch Fitness

The Sustainable Athlete (Portland, Maine)


Athletic Highlights

Overall win at Maine 70.3:  2018

Overall win with his teammate at SwimRun USA Orcas Island:  2018

Overall win with his teammate at SwimRun Casco Bay:  2017 and 2016

Troy A. Howard Middle school 1 mile record holder. Still stands!


Why PPF?  

“PPF is a family, and it extends beyond the sport of triathlon. I joined because it was an incredible opportunity to learn. And I stay because there’s nothing else I’d rather do.”



Riding his bike


Did you know?

In 2018, Matt and his teammate beat out Lance Armstrong and Simon Whitfield to take first place in the grueling SwimRun race!


Support Crew

“My family, Hugh, Conor, and Rossi.  Close friends who travel to every race they can. OLLIE! (the sweetest dog on the planet)”


Nancy has been a long time athlete of Purple Patch: She has over 4 years of coaching experience under the guidance of world-renowned coach Matt Dixon. She was a collegiate rower while attending Seattle University where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Biology. Nancy resides in Snohomish, WA with her husband, two kids, horses, and dogs. She understands the balancing act of juggling family, work, and training. With multiple IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships, in-depth race experience, and a passion for endurance sports, Nancy is dedicated to supporting athletes in their journey. Nancy has also been certified as a USAT Certified Coach, USA Cycling Certified Coach, RRCA certified running coach.

Current Location:  Florida


Hometown:  Niceville, Florida


Education:  BS in Aerospace Engineering


A Little About Sean

Sean arrived to Purple Patch following a distinguished career in the US Marine Corps. With a BS in aerospace engineering, Sean completed his career at rank of Lt Colonel and was a F/A-18 pilot, test pilot, and program manager. Hand-picked by Matt Dixon as an assistant coach, Sean has been a long-time endurance and triathlon enthusiast and demonstrates fantastic leadership and education skills for athletes. As a certified IRONMAN U coach and several years of full education directly from Matt Dixon, Sean is a key component of the Purple Patch coaching family. Since joining Purple Patch, Sean has personally overseen several qualifiers to the IRONMAN World Championships and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships, had multiple age group winners, and been a key part of the coaching team who has guided over 200 athletes to the Hawaii IRONMAN World Championships and 300 athletes to the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships.


Athletic Highlights

Triathlon, Obstacle Course Racing, Mud Runs, Trail and Terrain, HIIT


Coaching Experience

2014 - Present:  Purple Patch Fitness Assistant Coach

Sean trained under Matt Dixon and became one of the first on board as an assistant Purple Patch coach.


Why PPF?  

“I sought Matt Dixon and Purple Patch Fitness out because I believed in the methodology then and I still do today. I wouldn't go anywhere else.”



House remodels, training, dark black coffee (like my soul)


Did you know?

Sean is a retired Marine Corps fighter pilot and test pilot.  He has flown over 2,300 hours in 25 different aircraft with over 300 carrier arrested landings.  


Support Crew

Sean has three children.


Current Location:  Folsom, California


Hometown:  London, England


Education:  Masters degree in Math from the University of Warwick, UK


A Little About Emma

Emma has been immersed in the sport of triathlon for over ten years, competing in races of all distances from sprint to Ironman, including both Ironman and Ironman 70.3 World Championships. She is an avid student of the sport and loves to help other athletes to achieve their goals and push their limits. Alongside coaching, Emma runs a triathlon travel company, Endurance Explorers. Before diving full-time into the endurance sports world, Emma worked for the British Government in a number of management positions, most recently at the British Consulate in Chicago.


Coaching Experience

2018 - Present:  Purple Patch Assistant Coach

Several years experience coaching athletes of all abilities from complete beginners to Kona qualifiers mostly through Chicago Tri Club and Sacramento Tri Club.


Athletic Highlights and Interests

Two-time Kona qualifier/finisher

70.3 and Xterra Worlds qualifier

Five-time finisher of the American Birkebeiner

Haute Route finisher (Alpe d'Huez 2017)


Why PPF?

"I love helping others to achieve their goals and to enjoy the triathlon lifestyle/journey. I have bought into Matt's philosophies across the Four Pillars of Performance for many years. Self-coached to IM success using his first book. Big supporter of more swimming, shorter long runs, and keeping things fun."


Did You Know?

"In my previous life, I was a British diplomat based at the British Consulate in Chicago. Also previously worked as a Chief of Staff equivalent to a British Government Minister. Co-founder/owner of Endurance Explorers, a small triathlon travel company with husband Kyle."


Support Crew

"My husband, Kyle, is a Battalion Chief at San Rafael Fire Department. #1 training partner, travel buddy, and Ironman sherpa. He is also Head Chef of our household and business!"



Current Location:  San Francisco, California


Hometown:  Pickford, Michigan


Education:  BS in International Relations


A Little About Brad

Brad has extensive experience in endurance sports, as a collegiate athlete in track and field and cross country, then continuing his passion into triathlons following the common ailments and injuries so often inflicting elite runners.  Brad’s mission and goal of endurance sport transitioned from elite performance to health, growth in a new sport, and a platform to thrive in other areas of life.  This background of elite sport and evolving mindset made him an ideal fit with the Purple Patch coaching team.

Brad joins Purple Patch following professional work in international relations and corporate life, choosing to shift toward education and mentorship in fitness and performance.  He is a key asset to the Purple Patch coaching team with highly organized, big-picture thinking and great communication skills.  While he has a background and skill set in elite sport, his passion is to assist performance-driven people to thrive within the context of their lives and embraces the global perspective of improvements across all areas of life.


Coaching Experience

2018 - Present:  Purple Patch Assistant Coach


Athletic Highlights and Interests

Collegiate Cross Country and Track and Field:  Grand Valley State University

Age-group Triathlon

Trail Running and Racing


Why PPF?

"For the focus on the athletic mindset and recovery as a pillar of performance, in training and throughout life."


Did You Know?

Brad completed the NOLS Outdoor Leadership course in the Yukon.  His specialty was backpacking and canoeing. 


Support Crew

Brad enjoys time with his partner in San Francisco and his family when he goes back home.


Name: Kevin Collington

Nickname: King Kev

Current Location: Boulder, CO

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering - University of Florida c/o 2008

Athletic Highlights:

  • 3 x 70.3 World Championship top 10 (6th 2009, 8th 2019, 6th 2013)
  • 2013 70.3 USA Pro Champion
  • 2017 70.3 Pan American Champion
  • One IRONMAN win - Ironman Taiwan 2017
  • 5 x 70.3 career wins


Why Purplepatch: Matt's philosophy is what originally brought me to Purplepatch, along with his previous success with other pro athletes. It has become a collaborative relationship chasing world class performance, and it's been fun joining the coaching team to hopefully pass on the knowledge I've gained to my athletes.


Hobbies: Exploring the mountains of Colorado, reading, travel, video games while I recover from training.

Support Crew:  My parents, Mary and Fred, are my number one fans!

Pro Athletes

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