Details On The 2018 Hawaii Training Camp

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Details On The Purple Patch Hawaii Training Camp 

Eight years ago we decided to try a new location for our annual training camp, heading to the wind, heat, and sunshine of the Big Island of Hawaii. Staying at the Mauna Lani hotel, 30 miles north of Kailua-Kona, proved to be the perfect location for a camp. A quiet time on the island, excellent weather conditions, and a hotel that embraces everything that comes with a troop of enthusiastic triathletes. With performance open water just a stone's throw from the hotel, an on-site swimming pool, and the bike course of the World Championships, as well as access to some lesser known beautiful running and riding, it couldn’t be a better venue. The Mauna Lani has now become our annual pilgrimage to the sun, and the timing has been instrumental in so much of our success over the last few seasons.  

So what makes this camp so memorable?  

  • The coaching: While I develop and lead the camp, athletes have unparalleled access to some fantastic coaching resources, including world-renowned cycling coach, fitter, and expert Paul Buick. Beyond the group sessions and training, each athlete has plenty of opportunity for individual and small group training sessions with the coaches, as well as nightly social and informative dinners with the entire team. 
  • The education and skills development:  We don’t believe in training camps to beat athletes up.  It is easy to pile on the miles and create fatigue.  We could achieve that within the first day.  Immersive education and skills development are integral to every session.  Our goal is to help athletes return home to make each week of training more intentional throughout the season.  We do plenty of work in camp, but the mission is to empower you to become a smarter athlete.  Allowing athletes to leave with context behind our training and approach which create a benefit that lasts well beyond the days of camp.
  • In person coaching:  Not every athlete lives in San Francisco and trains with us on a daily basis.  Securing quality face time with the coaches is a massive boost to the coaching relationship, we learn so much about you as an athlete, it helps us refine your unique recipe for success. 
  • Everyone is successful:  I am most proud of our ability to challenge every athlete, often beyond what they think it possible, but also to ensure all are successful.  Our culture of ‘no ego’ permeates every camp we lead.  The safe, fun and welcoming environment is the purplepatch special sauce. Each athlete can challenge themselves and improve. The KONA experience is a remarkable week, full of support and camaraderie.  We only care about individual athletes looking to self-improve, and athletes embrace this mindset and approach.  It begins with our pro squad and flows all the way through the ranks.
  • ALL are welcome:  You don’t need to be a purplepatch athlete to attend, we have many athletes join us who use different coaches for training (I collaborate with the coach to ensure success).  Also, there is no need to be an age group champion.  We have had first-timers, sprint and Olympic distances athletes, twenty-somethings and athletes in their 60’s and 70’s.  Mix all these in with the pros and it becomes a  melting pot.  We even love having spouses, families, and partners join us for the week, it is a lovely setting to relax and have a ‘traincation’.

This camp sells out quickly, often with many returnees from previous camps.  We would love to help you on your journey, so please join us in Kona this Spring. It is very special.


The Purple Patch Team