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The Well Built Triathlete” Matt Dixon’s book, is in alignment with the purplepatch philosophy, Matt’s book speaks to the individual and will assist its readers in determining their own best ways to train, use their time, improve and reach new levels of athletic performance.  It’s a must read!

But Matt didn’t do it alone!  purplepatch’s resident Kiwi (and bike expert), Paul Buick collaborated on the cycling chapter.  Read on for a sneak peek of “The Well Built Triathlete” as Paul and Matt bust some common cycling myths that have been filling people’s heads for many years.

MYTH: Junk miles are OK.

In my mind, there is no place for junk miles in triathlon training. Low-intensity, easy miles have great value, but only if you are engaged and thinking about your riding. Every mile should  have a purpose, and low-intensity miles provide the opportunity for you to work on posture, gear selection, pedal stroke, and other highly valuable elements of awareness and skill. Make it your goal for posture, handling skills, and gear selection to become so habitual that they require little to no thought. If you are successful, you will be able to put more willpower and thought into managing your effort and riding varied terrain.


MYTH: Aerodynamics is everything.

The pursuit of the most aero position is important for triathletes, but there’s a caveat: Look for the most aerodynamic position on the bike that still allows you to maintain good posture and proper pedaling mechanics. These are absolutely critical components of bike and rider setup, and for most triathletes the process will be an ongoing one. What is missing from the conversations is any real discussion or consideration of the athlete’s posture on the bike or how an athlete should set his or her body on the touchpoints. Fit and power are touted as the crown jewels of riding performance. Before long the conversation will shift to bike fit (which I define as the actual bicycle touchpoints such as fore-aft, seat height, or bar setup).


These are only two of the many cycling myths busted in “The Well Built Triathlete”.

As many of you know, Paul has already helped a number of purplepatch athletes with his bike consultations and fitting expertise.  He’s getting rave reviews!

Leah, a local purplepatch San Francisco age group athlete said,

“After my bike session I felt for the first time, that I had tools to use and practice to increase my speed and competitiveness in triathlons. Paul got me to really feel my bike and work with my bike rather than against it. He also adjusted my cycling position. I am so excited to practice my new skills and I can't wait to master them. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone at any level who wants to learn from someone who is very knowledgeable. He just knows bikes!”

Schedule your own personal session with Paul (here) or via the purplepatch website.

A session with Paul could very well could be the best thing you ever did for your cycling.