Important Changes for Custom Programming Athletes

Hello Purple Patch Custom Programming Athletes,

Thank you for trusting us with your triathlon training. We appreciate your choice to be guided by Purple Patch and hope you have become a more empowered athlete by working with us.

We are committed to an athlete-first mindset and constantly review our methodology and approach to investigate how to evolve and improve our services and the results we achieve. We are always on the hunt for better and more efficient integration of tools and technology to bring our methodology to life and serve you better.

As such, we have some exciting news! Following extensive research and detailed planning, including many conversations with current Purple Patch athletes, we are launching a new program called Purple Patch Squad.

What this means for you is we will be sunsetting Custom Programming. Over the coming months, we will be transitioning Custom Programming athletes to the new Purple Patch Squad product. We want to give you the news early to ensure the transition for you is seamless.

The mission of the Purple Patch Squad is to deliver the same high quality, multi-sport programming with increased flexibility while maximizing what we hold dear: education, community, athlete empowerment, and ongoing support.


Due January 21st: We need your early season race schedule. If you have a race in February, March, April, or May, input your race plans as soon as possible so we can update your Custom Training Program. It is important that each athlete inputs their races by January 21st. If you have any issues inputting your races on your own or need to cross-reference, you may send us your race plans via plan support at

You will continue to receive your training on the Purple Patch portal through March 31st (athletes racing a Key Race in April will remain on the portal through the key race).

February 1st: Your next billing date after February 1st will automatically shift to the new $99/month pricing for all current Custom Programming athletes. We will continue to offer Custom Programming support through April but think it is only fair to get all of our loyal athletes on the new pricing as soon as possible.


I highly encourage you to view the Meeting with Matt on the 2019 Vision for Purple Patch that took place on January 17th, as I outline the nitty gritty of the Purple Patch Squad product in detail. View the replay of this session HERE.

I am sure many of you are desperate for the details of the Squad, as well as the transition plan, so we have outlined three things below:

  1. An overview of the Purple Patch Squad
  2. The transition plan
  3. FAQs for the new Squad product.

Worried, concerned, questions? We want to hear from you. Feel free to reach out directly, and we will answer your questions but please read the details below first.




A. PROGRAMMING (KEY SESSIONS): Your new Squad programming will align exactly with the squad sessions (swim, bike, run) that occur on a weekly basis in San Francisco. This will serve as the backbone of your weekly training, but you will also be able to draw from a small library of supporting workouts and strength sessions to self-manage your weekly load. This simple "self-management" approach will be supported with clear and simple guidelines on a new personal resource web page that we will launch with the new Squad.

Purple Patch Squad Programming Highlights

  • Training Platform: Training workouts will be delivered via Today’s Plan, which is the same platform our professional and individually coached athletes utilize.
  • Weekly Training: Adjustable programming. You will be able to easily click and drag workouts to align with your life schedule, as well as delete workouts and add additional supporting workouts as needed. Purple Patch Squad will allow you to simply and easily integrate your multi-sport training into your time-starved life.
  • Race Builds: Like magic, you will be able to manage your own race schedule. You will add your key races into Today’s Plan. At the drop of a hat, you will be able to click and drag a race build plan that aligns with your race goals, level, and time available. The other exciting feature is your daily plan will now be a countdown to your key race. Once you are finished with your key race, you will automatically be guided through recovery and reintegrated into the rhythm of the Purple Patch training squad in San Francisco.
  • Workouts that sync with your favorite gadgets and apps: You have been asking for years, and it’s finally here! Nearly every bike and run session can be synchronized to your Garmin (and other watches), as well as third party apps such as Zwift, Wahoo, Trainerroad, etc. On the apps that allow, my coaching cues (and some funny Dixionary comments!) will appear on screen synchronized with your intervals - you will have no escape.
  • Smarter Training - understand the WHY in training: Your workouts will include a detailed "how to" video explaining the meaning behind the workout, how to best execute the workout, as well as individually prescribed heart rate and power zones. We also add instructions in text form and other supporting videos to ensure you execute as intended. You can then auto upload power and pace files to Today’s Plan and maintain your own journal of review with subjective commentary.
  • Purple Patch Pillars of Performance Tracking: Your Today’s Plan will have your own Purple Patch dashboard from which you will be able to track your progression, training load, sessions completed, as well as sleep metrics and subjective mood metrics. All of this data will improve your awareness of your global performance.

B. ENHANCED EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY: Our coaching team is really excited about the enhancements we plan to make in our ability to support and help you, both remotely and in person. 

  • Meetings with Matt Return: Many of you will remember our group video sessions led by myself. Several athletes have told us they miss the sessions, so we are bringing them back. I will host frequent sessions focusing on a specific subject, including a Q and A with myself and the coaching team. We are getting cracking on these without delay!
  • Office Hours: Multiple weekly opportunities for you to hop on a group video call (via Zoom) with the team to ask questions around training, performance, and your plan. We hope these are both social and fun, but also anchored in peer-to-peer and coaching education and support.
  • Education Expansion: We reorganized and developed our education in 2018, and the plan for 2019 is to further increase specific subject matter for Purple Patch athletes and begin to push it to you when it is appropriate.
  • Meet-Ups and Camps: We are increasing the number of training camp offerings. We are also committing to sending our coaching team to a much broader range of events and races in 2019, including formalizing the support and social component of these occasions.


Our goal is to execute the transition efficiently, without any disruption to your training and race preparation.

We wholeheartedly understand our job is to help you evolve and improve performance in races and life. This is central to our plan of action laid out below, and we are not willing to dilute quality or promote a rushed product. This is why we want to inform you now, so we can make a smooth transition incrementally.

With this taken into account, here is the plan:

February, March, April: These are the transition months and will include:

  • Training: You will continue to receive your training, as planned, via the Purple Patch portal. Only minor customizations and corrections will be possible. We will not be able to add events or complete major programming changes in these months.
  • Education and Support: Why wait? We will get cracking on the new Squad programming such as Meetings with Matt and Office Hours. We will be sending details soon and outline a calendar and access points to these regular meetings.
  • Weekly Self-Assessments: The weekly self-assessment is going away and will no longer be utilized. Until we completely transition to the new Squad program, you are able to still email us at
  • Transition to Today’s Plan: We plan on completing an incremental transition to the new programming.

We will seek volunteers to be first adopters starting in March.

Any athlete racing a key event will not be disrupted by transitioning before their race is complete

May 11th: The goal is to have every Purple Patch Custom Programming athlete transitioned to the Squad product by May 11th. This will include a brand new website, platform, and set of systems (exciting!).

Below are a series of important FAQs that should further clear up any confusion.


Q: Can I upgrade to 1:1 coaching?

A: Yes. We are happy to have this discussion with you and set up a complimentary consultation to help you choose your best path. Our coaching is highly popular, and we restrict the number of athletes per coach to ensure quality. We want you to have first dibs. Our thoughts are that the majority of you are going to thrive on the new product, but we can also envision a few of you benefiting from more individual guidance. If you are not sure or think you want to take the next step, email us

Q: What if I haven’t chosen my 2019 races yet?

A: Not a worry, but please ensure that you do give us your current weekly schedule and hours available. With your key races not coming for the next couple of months, you will be able to input your own races (and builds to those races) on Today’s Plan and the new Squad product.

Q: Will I still be able to ask training and other questions via plan support once the full Squad product is launched?

A: No. Once the transition to Today’s Plan and the new web platform is complete, all support will be via the twice-weekly office hours. Until then, normal plan support will continue.

Q: Will you offer season planning with each Squad Member?

A: While this is not offered as a part of the Squad fees, you will always have the option to purchase a coaching consultation to plan your season, review your progress, or review a race. We are here to help.

Q: With the Purple Patch Squad be a great fit for a newbie triathlete with no real training experience?

A: No. To begin, each squad member should have a reasonable understanding of basic training. In the future, we expect to expand the squad to well beyond triathletes and even other sports. With this, the squad will support the full range of athletic ability but is primarily designed with the time-starved amateur in mind.

Q: What if I am planning to integrated various running races or some back-to-back weeks of races?

A: You will have access to a strong knowledge base of resources to help you navigate your schedule, but you can always purchase an individual consultation to talk through the tricky parts of your schedule and hatch a plan forward.