Integrating an Athletic Mindset into Your Time-Starved Life

Setting the Stage

World Triathlon Coach Matt Dixon discusses his new book, Fast Track Triathlete, and the integration of an athletic mindset to help you thrive in sport, health, work, and life. Matt will reframe your lens on performance, boil down the complex to simple and help you create actionable steps, as well as identify your critical daily habits that will enable success and improved sport and life performance.

Integrating Sport into Life

For so long, Matt experienced and witnessed the barometer of athletic success being based merely on the accumulation of training hours and not much more.  Matt's experience as an overtrained professional triathlete, coupled with his education, a Mater's Degree in clinical and exercise physiology, was the genesis of the Purple Patch's Pillars of Performance.  Matt shares with you the basic habits busy professionals can adopt to improve in sport and life.    

More Resources

Purple Patch's goal is to educate all humans to reach their athletic potential.  It is through your lens of athletic performance that you will reach your human potential.  We offer a wide array of opportunities to learn more about how you can integrate sport into your busy life without jeopardizing important components like family and work. In fact, our goal at Purple Patch is not only to teach you how to improve in sport, but also how to apply your athletic mindset to thrive in work, family, health, and life.  Please visit these areas to learn more about integrating sport into your time-starved life.

Purple Patch Podcast with Matt Dixon:  Not just another triathlon podcast, Matt explores all areas of human potential with valuable information, including interviews with high performing athletes and business executives.

Fast-Track Triathlete:  A well-rounded book on shifting mindset so you are balancing a big life with big performance.  Also includes a comprehensive 14-week race prep program that is scalable to fit the training needs of any triathlete. 

Triathlon Coaching: A customized training experience that meets the needs and lives of each individual athlete. All of our programs are designed to accommodate your lifestyle needs and focus on developing your fitness, endurance and race-day performance while having fun.