The Purple Patch Secret Weapon

Book a session with Paul Buick, purplepatch's cycling coach for all PPF pro athletes

What’s in a bike fit?

Odds are good that most of you have had a bike fit at some point in the past. Whether it was someone at the shop where you bought your bike or you spent a couple of hours getting ‘dialed in’ at a studio, you have had some adjustments to your bike and your position likely changed. Maybe you got more aero?

Pardon the pun but where the rubber meets the road is when you take that new fit and position out of the bike shop or studio and into the real world. If a triathlon were held within the confines of a pool, indoor trainer, and treadmill, you’d probably be just fine. But it isn’t. How you interact with your bike, your posture while riding, your pedal stroke, and course tactics will determine how well you race. This isn’t to say that all bike fits are done poorly or without value. Of course not. Improving your position and comfort on the bike is of very high value; however, the next step is learning how to take that position into the real world and ride and handle your bike more effectively and efficiently to help set up your best race possible.

Take Advantage Of The purplepatch Secret Weapon - Paul Buick 

Our cycling guru, Paul Buick, was previously available only to our pros and training camp attendees but no longer is that the case. While he does make trips to San Francisco and to many purplepatch training camps, Paul is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. As such, he offers both in-person and virtual services. The latter are held over Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts.  

So, What Can You Expect From A 30-Minute Virtual Session?

In a 30 minute session, for example, one of our athletes talked with Paul about buying a new bike. He wanted to upgrade to a ‘super bike’ with an integrated stem and all the bells and whistles but also wanted to make sure he was spending his money wisely and being practical - relatively speaking ;). With notes about his current bike and set up along with some research he had already done, the two talked about bikes which might fit him and why, what to look for in the bike, considerations to make (e.g. how well it travels, handling v. straight line riding, wheel choice, etc) and then set a follow up time to review his selections.  

 ‘Paul and I actually talked for close to 50 minutes about bikes. I literally could have spent hours talking with him. He’s a fountain of cycling knowledge.’

How About A 90-minute Bike Position & Posture Session

Prior to your session, you will have sent Paul some measurements and video or pictures of you riding and walking. It’s really simple. During the session, you’ll be on your indoor trainer with Paul via Skype, Facetime, or in person. He’ll direct you to pedal for him in varying positions, at different cadences, and ask for your feedback and give you his. Together, you’ll make some adjustments to your fit and posture. It’s the posture and skills work during these sessions that is so much more than a bike fit - not something you’ll find in even the most rigorous of fittings. It is here where Paul’s knowledge and value really come through. Read what some of our athletes have had to say:


"Paul has honed my technical skills, improved my confidence and made me a smarter rider" - Sam Appleton (purplepatch pro & sub 2-hour bike split at IRONMAN 70.3 Racine)

'The bike fit was a revelation. Worth every penny. Paul is awesome. I’ve been riding in the new position for a few weeks now and I’m getting used to it.' - Connor (Manama, Bahrain)

'All good. He was great. Want to schedule ahead for next time.' Alan (San Francisco, CA)

'Wow, what a difference!  I’ve had my fair share of bike fits - Retul and others - and this is the first time that I really understood the changes we were making and why we made them. More than the adjustments, it was the attention to posture, pedal stroke, position, and thinking about how to incorporate everything on the road and then in a race. I’ve never gone to that level of practical application in a fitting before. Can’t wait for my follow up appointment.' - Matt (Dallas, TX)