Podcast: Carmel Galvin - Integrating an Athletic Mindset to Create Success

by: Matt Dixon


Welcome to Episode Seven of Purple Patch Podcast!  This week, Matt interviews Chief Human Resources Officer, Carmel Galvin.  Hear how she uses her athletic mindset to overcome fears, succeed in business, and thrive in all areas of her busy life.


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Integrating an Athletic Mindset to Overcome Fears and Create Success

Matt dives deep with Carmel Galvin, CHRO of Glass Door, about integrating high performance, training, and community into a time-starved life.

Highlights include:

  • Word of the Week:  Shackles.  Are your training devices becoming shackles to your performance improvements?
  • Evolving work culture and the connection between work performance and life
  • How companies like Glassdoor are prioritizing a company culture that enables optimized health
  • Carmel's personal performance journey, including a very serious crash
  • Strategies she uses to overcome fears and challenges in all areas of life
  • How multisport training has helped her thrive as a business executive, wife, and mom
  • Parallels between sport and work/life
  • Why multisport training is beneficial to single sport athletes
  • Fundamental habits of success

Next week in Episode Eight:  Recovery.  We'll get into what recovery really entails and how it will make all the difference in your busy, performance-driven life.

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