Podcast: Ed Baker - An Executive's Thirst for Self-Improvement


Welcome to Episode Nine of Purple Patch Podcast.  This week, Matt interviews Ed Baker, former executive at Uber and Facebook and emerging triathlete.  Matt and Ed discuss the many parallels between business and sport, including how most have a thirst for learning and personal evolution.

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Ed Baker:  An Executive's Thirst for Self-Improvement

What does a high-level business executive do after he helps grow Facebook and Uber?  In this week’s episode, you’ll hear about Ed Baker’s next big journey into triathlon after a hugely successful career in business.  Matt and Ed discuss insights for any high-performing individual and all the connections between success in business and sport.  They also have some good fun along the way as they record this interview during the Purple Patch Pro camp down in Arizona.

Highlights include:

  • Word of the Week:  Residence
  • Benefits of maintaining an exercise or training routine even as a busy executive
  • Value of having a coach to help you define goals and realize your full potential
  • Similarities between sport and business - setting small goals and having the ability to check in frequently, embracing baby steps
  • Many parallels between professional athletes and executives, including an insatiable thirst for personal evolution and growth
  • Importance of nailing the basics both in work and life
  • Qualities of successful people - humility, friendliness and a good sense of humor
  • His experience at the Purple Patch Pro Camp this year

Next Week's Podcast:  Recovery.  Matt will take you on a deep dive into recovery to help you gain an even better understanding of why recovery is a critical and integral part of your overall progression and plan.

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