Podcast: How an Athletic Mindset Saved this Mom's Life


Welcome to Episode 15 of Purple Patch Podcast! This weekly podcast will explore human potential and how athletic training optimizes your performance in all areas of your life, including work and family.


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Marina Gelman:  How an Athletic Mindset Saved a Mom's Life

In Episode 15,  Matt interviews Purple Patch athlete, Marina Gelman.  Unimaginable tragedy rocked Marina's world, but it was through her athletic training that she adopted a mindset that not only got her health back on track but her spirit as well.

Highlights include:

  • Marina discusses how unimaginable tragedy lead to severe grief and the letting go of her health.
  • Overcome by grief, she holed herself up for almost two years and focused only on work to numb the pain.
  • Unfortunately, during this time, she abandoned her fitness goals, reaching over 200 pounds.
  • When she finally started training again, she quickly learned that training non-stop turned out to be a blessing and a curse.
  • Marina describes her bout of chronic fatigue.
  • At her heaviest, she reached out to Matt Dixon.
  • She had only two small goals:  recover from her chronic fatigue and run three miles again. 
  • Armed with hope, a long-term structured plan, and a wonderful community of support; Gelman lost 105 pounds,  is a Half-Ironman finisher, with her hopes set on finishing a full Ironman in the near future. 

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