Podcast: Jesse Thomas - Balancing a Big, Busy Life


Welcome to Episodes 19 of Purple Patch Podcast! This week, Matt welcomes back Jesse Thomas, Picky Bars CEO, Wildflower Champ, Professional Triathlete, for Part Two of their conversation.


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In Part 1 the Jesse Thomas story with Matt Dixon, Jesse and Matt reminisced about Jesse's surprising and humorous entrance into the world of professional triathlon racing with his unsuspecting win at the legendary Wildflower Triathlon. Since then, he's gone on to win six Wildflower titles, two Ironmans and countless 70.3s, performing at the top level for practically the last decade. 

Today, Jesse is still performing at a world-class level, but much has changed for him and his family. Now, he and wife, Lauren Fleshman, are parents to two young children. He's also CEO of fast-growing Picky Bars, as well as his own brand. While professional triathlon is still incredibly important, it's certainly not his sole focus. 

This is a story of the transition from an unapologetic quest for world-class performance to high performance across sport, work, and life. In this episode, you'll hear Jesse and Matt discuss:

  • What drives him now in this new phase of life
  • How he describes balance
  • How he prioritizes his day with family, work, and training
  • How he overcomes adversity
  • What has allowed him to keep improving
  • The role and value that a coach plays in maximizing the hours he does have
  • His proudest moments

There are so many lessons for any time-starved individual in this honest and introspective conversation.   Jesse is a prime example of reaching both athletic and human potential. 

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