Podcast: Lars Tandrup - Using an Athletic Mindset to Overcome Trauma


Welcome to Episodes 23 of Purple Patch Podcast! This week, it's an episode you can't miss!  New Purple Patch athlete, Lars Tandrup, opens up about his unimaginable loss and trauma and how he used his athletic mindset to dig deep to find the lessons and create gratitude in the aftermath.


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It’s hard to image moving forward when you have lost everything.  New Purple Patch athlete, Lars Tandrup, opens up about his unimaginable loss and trauma and the lessons and growth he created in the aftermath.

Last year, Lars and his wife lost everything in the wildfires of Santa Rosa, forcing him to shift his lens on what is truly important in life.  Not only did he gain a life-altering perspective, he used his athletic mindset to persevere through the most difficult time of his life. His story is one of devastation that grew into hope and gratitude.  A man who lost everything dug deep enough to seek out the hidden lessons and began living a life of gratitude and growth.

He focused on not falling into a victim mentality, to separate his reactions from the emotions he was feeling. The result? An overwhelming sense of gratitude enveloped him and a new opportunity to grow and develop emerged.

Lars shares how he turned his struggles into an opportunity to find clarity and solutions. His life became about meaningful relationships and being of service to others.

“We have been given the gift and opportunity to rebuild our life and that’s an interesting and liberating experience. A burden has been lifted.”

If there’s one episode you can’t miss, it’s this one.  Lars’s story will leave you questioning your own focus and inspire you to shift your lens to live your life with gratitude and intentional growth.

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