Podcast: Laura Siddall and the Fear of Winning


Welcome to Episodes 27 of Purple Patch Podcast. This week, Matt interviews Purple Patch professional triathlete, Laura SIddal.  Matt and Laura dive into the internal struggle, the journey of achieving wonderful results, but focusing in on areas that few are honestly willing to discuss.


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Laura Siddall is a professional triathlete showing the greatest vulnerability in expressing fears, confidence, and challenges she has faced and managed on her path to world-class performance.

There is a perception that pros don’t face the same obstacles, anxieties, and struggles as age group athletes. Matt and Laura talk openly about the truth. Yes, she does have fears and she shares the internal and external pressures that she faces daily as a world-class performer.

One of the many key takeaways from this discussion is understanding that fears and doubts never go away regardless of what level you perform. Your goal as an athlete or high performer is to implement tools and habits to manage those anxieties. Laura has successfully done this and has landed on the podium in 27 of her last 30 races.  

In this honest discussion, she addresses questions like:

  • What did she think turning professional would be like?
  • What does it mean to be a professional triathlete?
  • What was her experience of turning pro actually like?
  • When she looks back now, with the lessons she has drawn, what are the key elements that apply to everyone?
  • What are the struggles that she faces daily?
  • What anxieties and fears does she face going into a race?
  • How does she go about alleviating some of her stress before races?
  • What are some of the challenges she faces post-race?
  • What are some of the tools and habits she uses to mitigate the emotions?
  • What are some of her key performance habits?
  • What is her advice for athletes interested in turning pro?

Laura is an example for anyone aspiring the achieve high goals in sport and life. Vulnerabilities can lead to victories. In fact, it is empowering and can help you grow and thrive. Don't try to run away from the natural emotions of worry, doubt, and fear. Instead, develop the tools to recognize and manage those emotions. That, in turn, will allow you to become more adaptable and resilient. 

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