Podcast: Maximizing Your Daily Energy Levels

by: Matt Dixon


Welcome to Episodes 21 of Purple Patch Podcast! This week, Matt gets practical with a discussion on how to maximize your daily energy levels.


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Here's the Question of the Week: Are you surviving or thriving? 

You want to successfully integrate sport into life so that, yes, you improve and achieve your goals, but you want that, in turn, to lift your health, your ability to perform in the workplace, and, of course, bring the best version of yourself to your friends and family. That's what today's discussion is all about. Matt gets practical as he helps you dial in simple and executable tips to maximize your daily energy management.

Your ultimate goal? Make sure that you have fantastic daily energy so that you can thrive and perform outside of the time you are training or exercising giving you control, stability, and consistency in your life.

Align your habits by optimizing some of these goals:

How you Plan and Structure Your Week - The Sunday Special
Post-Workout Fueling - Your #1 Performance Habit
Nutrition Habits - Timing those Starchy Carbs 
Hydration - When to Consume Water, Caffeine, Alcohol, Juice
Move in the day - Why Pee Breaks are a Good Thing
Naps and Meditation - We all Need "Me" Time

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