Podcast: The Power of Presence


Welcome to Episode 33 of Purple Patch Podcast.  Today’s focus is on…well…FOCUS and remaining present in your training in order to maximize your training yield.

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The Power of Presence

Something that is often overlooked in training by both athletes and coaches is the importance of presence - focused awareness on the task. Whatever your quest or goal, being focused and present is a critical piece of the puzzle to maximize your precious training time. This becomes even more critical when you are time-starved.

Being focused and present ensures the best execution and the biggest performance yield. In this episode, Matt discusses the many reasons to be present and the best path to set up these habitual practices during your training.

It is often said, “As you train, so shall you race.” If you don’t train with presence and focus, you can’t expect to have mental resiliency on race day. Focus helps you develop your innate sense of pacing and effort and, with practice, can become habitual automation. Quite simply, you develop your inner animal. 


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