Podcast: Recovery - Your Key to Improved Performance


Welcome to Episode 10 of Purple Patch Podcast!  This week, Matt, often dubbed The Recovery Coach, discusses recovery and why it is your key to improved performance.


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Recovery - Your Key to Improved Performance

Matt takes you on a journey of understanding of how you can improve performance, sustain health, and retain passion for the journey by cutting back training volume, focusing on key sessions, and adding in more easy days. This episode is a game-changer.

Highlights include:

  • Word of the Week:  Sweat.  Why it's not always a good thing.
  • How Matt earned the title of "The Recovery Coach"
  • The story of Ironman Champion, Chris Lieto, and how Matt adapted his training to integrate real recovery during his 2008-2009 season, ultimately leading to a 2nd place Finish at the Ironman World Championships.
  • The story of "Becky," a Purple Patch age-group athlete, who, like most of us, balances a job, family, and other obligations. How did Matt integrate recovery into her schedule?
  • Three different forms or modalities of recovery
  • How you can incorporate these three forms of recovery into your plan
  • Other valuable recovery resources from experts and authors

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