Pro Update Heading Into Kona

Headline News - King Kev Wins IRONMAN Taiwan

Kevin Collington - I have spoken so much of my pride and admiration of Kevin Collington and his development over the last couple seasons. I think most of Kevins best supporters would have laughed in my face if I predicted a couple of years ago that Kevin would win his first IRONMAN race by leading out of the swim, riding away from some of the stronger riders out there, then dominate with a clinical run. The performance was a reflection of honest hard work, immersing himself in the Purple Patch process, and keeping a clear head when navigating some hurdles and obstacles in the year. The first one is special Kevin. Well done. We are so proud of you. 

Purple Patch Athletes Headed To Kona 

Laura Siddall - Laura has enjoyed a breakout season of racing in 2017, stemming from a complete commitment to the process over the last several years. She has won multiple races, including her first IRONMAN (Australia), accumulated one of the best resumes of podiums and wins in the sport, and grown into a truly world-class triathlete. She arrives at Kona with no pressure, but off the back of super preparation. It may sound ironic, but Laura is fresh and sharp, which is a testament to the lead in and recovery from the racing she has completed this year. Look for Laura to race her own race and be consistent all day across disciplines.

Jesse Thomas - As Jesse creeps towards his last year as a full-time professional athlete, he can already be massively proud of his journey and results so far. Juggling the life of a father and CEO of Picky Bars, he has a great career resume, including multiple IRONMAN wins. Last year was his first IRONMAN Hawaii, which we have chalked up as a learning experience. He arrived frazzled from too much work prescribed by his coach (that’s me) and got a little excited on race day with execution. This all means he will arrive this year with wisdom, much fresher and with a clearer strategy.

Sarah Piampiano - Lil Poo is ready. When I met Sarah several years ago, few would have believed the journey and progression she would make. Sarah believed then, and now many more believe with her, and for good reason. Now her mission is to execute on the day and see what comes out. She has earned the opportunity to execute a race she can be proud of and have an impact in the overall standings.

Tim Reed - Last year Tim became the IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion. It was the capping of a journey of several years, and a wonderful evolution from journeyman to world-class. It was a special occasion and something Tim and I will never forget. With this, it is no secret that Tim is very much his own man, and we have always enjoyed a respectful and unique coaching relationship. We have both agreed that Kona will be the last event Tim has an association with Purple Patch. It is time to move on, while remaining great associates and friends. I will still be a supporter and mentor when needed, but no longer guide a daily plan. It is right for Tim, right for myself, and right for Purple Patch. It is time, and we are both ready to move on. We support him in Kona, as he arrives fresh and with a clear mind. Expect him to be active at the front of the race and challenging for a great overall performance.

Celebrating The Journey 

We are excited for the Purple Patch Pros, but Kona is about much more than them. So many arrive to the Island following wonderful personal achievement and performances with a chance to compete against the best in their age category. Some of our age groupers aspire to podiums and victory, but others are here to embrace the event, the occasion, and the experience of this most brutal and inspiring course. I am so proud of our age groupers who have qualified and toe the line with complex and busy lives, finding a path and recipe that has allowed improved athletic performance, but undoubtedly yielded bigger overall results, with improved health, performance at work, and the best version of themselves for their families and relationships.  For many of our amateurs, it is via an athletic performance that they move toward their human potential, and this race is an opportunity for celebration and cheers on this front as well.