Purple Patch - More than Sport

While the purplepatch pro team was in the depths of our winter training camp in Kona, Hawaii, with the first layers of fatigue beginning to accumulate on the back of the environment and training load. The week kicked off with a tough morning, starting the day with high intensity swim that had them travel over 7 kms in the water, followed by an educational, but very tough, track and hill-based session. By the end of the back to back sessions all were ready for naps, but it was a More than Sport’s Kona Kids Friday play an activity session. These weekly sessions opens the doors of structured training and play for the large population of transitional families and children on the Big Island. With purplepatch pro, Laura Siddall, leading the way, the rest of the pro team were offered the chance to take their entire afternoon and head into team to help out. It was purely optional for them to attend.

By the time we left the hotel and headed into town, every single pro and member of staff were packed into the vans and heading to More than Sport.

What a marvelous afternoon and experience it was. No sooner had we bundled out of the vans, we were swarmed by masses of excited and screaming children. Coached by More than Sport’s Carrie, along with the watchful eye of founder and visionary, Chris Lieto and the rest of the MTS team, the kids got to run, jump, play a scavenger hunt and spend most of their time clambering on the shoulders of the purplepatch pros. It was anarchy, but with nothing but smiles across the faces of both pros and the kids. It was fantastic to see what Chris has created, with a passionate and expert team from More than Sport, it was a privilege for us all to be a part of the program.

Far from limiting our energy, the experience fueled us, energized our passion, and provides a great perspective of life just as we train in the bubble of a camp environment.

The morning made me happy as a coach, for the effort and focus that my pros put into their training. The afternoon made me incredibly proud as a leader of the character that each of them displayed.

Thank you SO much to:

More than Sport.
Laura Siddall for organizing and making the push to facilitate the afternoon.
The purplepatch pros and staff for stepping up.
Chris Lieto - for being a legendary purplepatch athlete, but more important, an inspiration to many for the great More than Sport vision and development.


Matt and the purplepatch Team