Sample Week of Training: Sami Inkinen

Sample Week of Training

Sami Inkinen, Founder of Virta Health, Co-founder of Trulia, and Amateur World Champion Triathlete, spent time chatting with Matt on Purple Patch Podcast.  You can hear the entire interview and learn how Sami is able to sustain high performance in business, sport, and life by listening to Episode 3:  How a Time-starved CEO Sustains High Performance

Coach Matt Dixon's Thoughts

  • This is a typical framework of a week in the race build phase going into an IRONMAN for Sami.
  • The actual week structure will change week to week dependent on focus, but this is a typical example.
  • ~ Every 3rd week Sami removes some of the load for 3-4 days (and a complete week if needed) to allow for recuperation.
  • Occasionally we will look for one or two opportunities to go longer for the weekend ride or ride Saturday and Sunday for required resilience. We scale back in other areas of the week to facilitate this.

Typical IRONMAN Session 

We avoid simply accumulating hours of training and riding at IRONMAN race effort (280-300W for Sami). Instead, we consistently hit stronger intervals early in the ride and finish with form-based race effort. This might look like:

WARM UP 15-30 minutes.
PRE: 6 min Building Effort to over 300W.
5 min at 345-370W at 75 rpm
3 min endurance 230-250W
5 min at 335-360W at 65 rpm
3 min endurance 230-250W
5 min at 315-350W at 55 rpm
3 min endurance 230-250W
5 min at 335-360W at 65 rpm
3 min endurance 230-250W
5 min at 345-370W at 75 rpm
5 min Endurance
THEN Finish with 2 x 30 minutes at 280-300W with 10 min smooth between.

Run OFF: would be well above IRONMAN effort. We always run speed off the more endurance/IRONMAN rides, but run IRONMAN effort off the high intensity mid-week rides.
This run helps to get good running form and speed quickly following a longer ride:
TWO rounds of:
2 min Form Endurance (~7 min pace)
3 min at 6.00 pace
2 min Form Endurance (~7 min pace)
2 min at 5.50 pace
2 min Form (~7 min pace)
2 min at 5.40 pace
1 min Form (~7 min pace)

Typical Midweek Bike:  Strength-Endurance Session with Run

WARM UP: 10 min spin.
PRE-MAIN: 4 x 3 min:
Interval 1 and 3: build RPM to 120 rpm at 200W
Interval 2 and 4: choice RPM but build 200 to 325W.
MAIN: 4 x 8 minutes at 350+W
1 min at 75 rpm
1 min at 65 rpm
1 min at 55 rpm
2 min at 45-55 rpm
1 min at 55 rpm
1 min at 65 rpm
1 min at 75 rpm
4 min spin between each at 100+ rpm and 200W.

RUN OFF: 20-30 min at IRONMAN Feel with no metrics (don’t look at the watch)


Want to train smart like Sami?  Purple Patch provides a customized training experience for athletes of all levels. Your plan is scheduled and developed around:

  1. Your Race Schedule
  2. Your Life Schedule and the Realistic Hours Available to Train
  3. Your Ability per Discipline

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