South Carolina Training Camp

Come east. Come south. Come ride with destiny.


Where: South Carolina
When: August 2nd, 2017 until August 6th, 2017
Price: $2,500 (Price Dependent on Accommodation Preference)

What it's all About

We are thrilled to announce our Second Edition Edition of an East Coast Triathlon Camp. Over the years purplepatch fitness triathlon, running, and cycling camps have been centered at premiere locations in California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Europe. The location in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina, with world class accommodations at George Hincapie’s Hotel Domestique, promises match or surpass any of our previous venues and to be an unforgettable experience for the triathletes who join us.

As at all of the purplepatch camps and programs, your balanced training schedule will be designed by Matt Dixon. Centering around the purplepatch Pillars of Performance, you will receive a thorough education, skill development, and training in all disciplines of triathlon, but given the location, the training will be more heavily focused on cycling. The other legs of SWIMBIKERUN will, of course, not be overlooked, and attention will be paid to nutrition, functional strength, race planning, and more. Our team of experienced coaches and support staff, as well as mechanical and SAG support Hotel Domestique cycling crew, will be there to guide your every step.

If you are interested in a memorable education and training experience, do not hesitate to register immediately.

NOTE: You can choose to stay at the camp headquarters ($2500) or offsite which raises the camp price to $3400. Accommodation is still not included, we would just like to encourage all campers to stay at camp headquarters for the best camp experience possible. 

Professional Hands-On Coaching

  • purplepatch assistant coach and cycling expert will oversee your cycling education and will work with you on fit, posture and bike technique. Paul is an integral part of the purplepatch coaching program, and works with the entire purplepatch pro squad on fits, programming and cycling technique.

  • Head coach and founder of purplepatch fitness provides the structure, format, and training direction of the camp. Matt will oversee all aspects of the education and training at the camp.


You will be busy from morning till night with a highly structured schedule, but one that will include some “down time” to rest and recharge at the lovely Hotel Domestique.  A detailed agenda will be provided in July/August,  but here is what the camp will encompass:

  • Education: We will cover a wide range of key educational concepts--including the all important and too often overlooked nutrition and recovery requirements for triathletes, permitting you to leave a little fitter and stronger, as well as empowered to make smart training decisions on your own.
  • Skills: We will coach you in the technical elements of the relevant sports of triathlon: swimming techniques and open water skills; cycling climbing, descending and time trial techniques; and running drills and pacing. Proper functional strength exercises for endurance athletes also will be covered.
  • Training: We will be with you to guide and coach you through epic cycling on the road of the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as during your swimming and running training.
  • Personal Touch: We have additional purplepatch support staff to assist you and to compliment the staff of the Hotel Domestique (864.516.1715

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