Custom Programming

Purple Patch Custom Programming is currently sold out for the 2019 season. Please email with questions, or if you'd like to learn about our other coaching options.
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Price: $185/month (3 month minimum)

What it's all About

Custom Programming is unique to Purple Patch offering you a training plan optimized to achieve your goals within the context of your busy life.

Specifically designed for goal driven athletes who desire custom and flexible programming for a specific event or series of races. With Purple Patch custom programming you will perform at your best on and off the race course.

  • A dynamic and flexible training program created by Matt Dixon, Head Coach of Purple Patch Fitness.
  • Personalized roadmap of training progression based on race calendar, training focus and goals.
  • Tailored to integrate with your upcoming events, weekly available training hours, scheduling requirements, and skill in each discipline.
  • In-depth educational resources on all aspects of training, human performance, and race readiness, such as nutrition and fueling guidelines or pro tips for optimizing power on your bike in varying terrains.
  • Integration into the dynamic community of Purple Patch of athletes.
  • Personal accountability with the submission of weekly self-assessment forms 
  • Opportunity for deeper customization, feedback and coaching advice via a la carte consultations.


  • Purple Patch’s Custom Programming rewards your hard work with great triathlon results and also translates into improved performance in health, at work, and with family and friends.  
  • To be successful in your race or season of races you need a smart training program that fits into your typical weekly schedule and training level.
  • Add relevant education, an engaged community, and the opportunity to seek deeper feedback from coaches, guidance, and customization, and you have a powerful training solution that will help you reach your potential.

How It Works

Purple Patch Custom Programming provides you with a clear training roadmap, tailored to all your races and events, with your weekly training customized to your personal schedule and availability.  

How the 5-step Custom Programming onboarding process works:


  1. We gather intel:  You sign up on the Purple Patch website. After you sign up you will be emailed an athlete registration form. The registration form connects you to your athlete portal, asking for all of the information we need to know about you, your racing goals, background, hours of training availability and typical weekly schedule for training.
  2. We do our homework: Based on the information you provide during athlete registration, we create your initial custom training roadmap, with all the key dates and milestones that are key to top performance. The training roadmap is comprehensive from your first workouts, through your key race(or races), we make sure you are set up for success.
  3. We plan:  We build your training plan, tailored to your personal schedule, skill level, and race season. If you don't have race plans, no problem - we can help you find the events that suit you best. Also, it is worth noting some of our athletes prefer to use Custom Programming to stay physically fit and mentally sharp without even racing. 
  4. We chat:  We review your training schedule and roadmap with you to make sure it all makes sense and you understand the Purple Patch approach to training. If needed we will revise your plan. During this call, we will also review the best way to access the wealth of Purple Patch supporting services, education, and community.
  5. You train: Kick off your first session with confidence knowing that your training plan is manageable and tailored to your busy life.

Important Purple Patch Custom Programming Resources:

  • Technical Support:  We know that life happens, so if you need to change your race plans, training schedule, available hours we are here to help you evolve your custom training program. Or, if you feel like you need more support we offer paid consultations to dig into your challenges and find solutions beyond what is outlined in your plan.
  • Education:  You will be supported with high value and relevant information to ensure success and practical knowledge development in triathlon and human performance.
  • Community:  The robust and inspiring Purple Patch community is vibrant, eclectic and fun.  Join the private Facebook page reserved exclusively for coached athletes or connect with other Purple Patch athletes around the globe at races or for training. This is your chance to enhance your training and join the fun Purple Patch experience by truly becoming part of our team.
  • Accountability: Athletes submit weekly self-assessment forms to analyze and measure weekly progress. In turn, you will receive weekly written feedback from a Purple Patch coach on athlete questions, training progress and challenges.
  • Additional Guidance or Customization:  Our team of Purple Patch coaches is always available on an a la carte basis for additional feedback, individual coaching or deeper customization of your program.  Want to develop a personal training camp?  Navigating your way through an injury?  Want to talk through the season or race plans?  Simply book some individual time and we will help you.
  • Expert Consultations:  When it comes to triathlon, the devil can be in the details, so at Purple Patch, we have assembled some of the best experts in the field to assist you on topics ranging from bike fitting, nutrition, sleep as well as swim, bike, and run skills.

Program Highlights


  • Season Roadmap

    Personal annual roadmap based on race calendar, training focus and goals 

  • Training Program

    Workout schedule tailored to Race Plan, Hours Available and Typical Weekly Schedule.

    Delivered via Purple Patch portal and/or email.
  • Program Refinements

    Refinements based on your race calendar, typical weekly training schedule, and hours of training available.

  • Advanced Program Refinements

    Adjusted by your Purple Patch coach for factors such as fatigue, travel, and injury (when you are not in your regular routine)  

    A La Carte*
  • Functional Strength

    Fully Integrated Purple Patch progressive strength program into each week of your training plan.


  • Designated Coach

    A designated coach who has been hand-selected and trained by Matt Dixon, and matched to your athletic needs and personality. 

    A La Carte*
  • Feedback and Individual Guidance

    Unlimited feedback and review with your designated Purple Patch coach.

    A La Carte*
  • Regular Check-Ins

    Weekly check-in with your coach to review roadmap, workouts and make adjustments as needed.

    A La Carte*
  • Custom Race Day Planning

    Creation of personalized race plan including zones, fueling, and pacing.

    Course overview and general recommendations available on portal and in pre-race briefings.
    A La Carte*
  • Weekly Self-Assessment

    Weekly written feedback from a Purple Patch coach on athlete questions, training progress and challenges.


  • Education

    Delivered via the comprehensive Purple Patch education program.

  • Community

    Access to the private Purple Patch Facebook page, online portal community pages, race meetups and free San Francisco group training options.

  • Nutrition

    Via Purple Patch education program and options for a la carte consulting with Purple Patch dietician.

  • Bike Fitting and Posture

    Our resident Purple Patch cycling expert is now available for a complete range of services for all triathletes and cyclists.

    A La Carte*
  • Training Camps

    Access to some of the best coaches and experts in performance, and offer a healthy blend of education, skills and technique, training, and fun. Check out the Camps page for more info.

    A La Carte*

A La Carte Coaching Consultations and Advanced Program Refinement offerings available in 30 minute blocks: $50 per block.



How will I receive my training plan?
We have built a custom plan delivery platform that is built into your athlete portal. The portal hosts education, support access, weekly overview videos and your personalized training plan.
This all seems very good, but I'm still not sure this program is for me. Where can I get more details ?
Drop us a line at Someone on the Purple Patch team will respond within 24 hours.
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