Education Membership

Access the triathlon education, tips and wisdom that all purplepatch amateur and professional athletes use to improve their performance.


Price: $25/month

What it's all About

You don’t have to be a purplepatch coached athlete to enjoy the wisdom, knowledge and lessons that Matt Dixon has to offer. This ongoing comprehensive education program is perfect for both coaches looking to further their knowledge base in all aspects of performance, as well as athletes who wish to develop their understanding of performance.

A great challenge for coaches and athletes is finding truly valuable information and education. There is plenty out there content, but deciphering good from bad is a tough ask. Let purplepatch be your filter. This unique opportunity allows you to gain access to Matt Dixon and the purplepatch team and educational content that you can be confident is high value to you or your athlete’s performance evolution.


Program Highlights


  • On-Line Support

    Opportunity to ask questions about your training and performance. Response time below 24 hours.


  • Weekly Purple Patch Coaches Bulletin

    Educational bulletin relevant to the week, written by Matt Dixon

  • Ongoing Education Stream
  • Nutrition

    Via Purple Patch education program and options for a la carte consulting with Purple Patch dietician.

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