AARP Anarchists and Still Crushing It

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“The list of what I want to accomplish continues to grow,” says 64-year-old Purple Patch athlete, Rick Wimmer. “Society expects people to retire, but this is how I get the most out of life!”

Maintaining a growth mindset is everything - at any age. In this episode, recorded on location at the recent Purple Patch Training Camp in South Carolina, Matt converses with two Purple Patch Masters athletes, Rick Wimmer and Ken Pagliughi, about their recipes for success and longevity in sport and life.

Society expects people to retire, but this is how I get the most out of life!

--Rick Wimmer

Both are highly successful individuals — Rick was a partner at Ernst and Young for 35 years, Ken a District Attorney in New Jersey — but they also continue to thrive and improve in their athletics, health, and mindset.  With Rick at 64 and Ken at 71, they both have so much more to accomplish and refuse to settle for stagnation.

This conversation is packed full of humor, personal anecdotes, inspiration, and education for athletes of all ages. You, too, can develop a path to longevity and excellence at any age as long as you maintain a growth mindset and choose to evolve. 

Have a plan, don’t settle for less, be willing to reinvent yourself, and as Ken jokingly says, “Don’t Screw It Up!”

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:00-:21  Purple Patch Weekly Intro

:22-1:25  Matt's Introduction to the Podcast

1:40- 3:27  Word of the Week - Growth

3:30- 52:20  Rick Wimmer and Ken Pagliughi - Dispelling Myths on the Aging Athletes

52:25-54:40  Athlete Question from Karim

54:40-59:15  Lessons of the Week


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