Training for the Time-Starved Athlete

Broadcast Date and Time:
Matt Dixon

In this exclusive webinar, hosted in conjunction with CycleOps and PowerTap, Purple Patch Fitness Head Coach, Matt Dixon, outlined training strategies for the time-starved athlete, especially as it pertains to the Pillars of Performance: Endurance Training, Strength Training, Nutrition, and Recovery. 

Specific Topics Covered Included: 

* The mindset and approach to achieve great results without compromising health or life performance

* How to determine your optimum number of training hours and successfully integrating it into your life

* How to create a dynamic and flexible training approach

* Identifying key sessions vs. supporting sessions

* Prioritization of sleep and other recovery modalities

During the Listener Q&A, Matt discussed:

* When to rely on a bike trainer, and when not to

* Pros and cons between using a bike trainer vs. riding outside

* Examples of what workouts might look like in a time-starved life

* How to shift your mindset on a trainer and adjust to a controlled environment

* Description and examples of key sessions and supporting sessions