Guided Trainer Plan: muscular endurance and power

Build your Cycling Power with purplepatch

The purplepatch trainer workouts are a perfect solution to your in-week cycling training needs. These sessions allow you to boost your performance, without having to hit the roads.  The progressive foundational workouts are designed to maximize specificity of training that will translate to improved cycling and power on the roads.  This program is very similar to the workouts employed by the purplepatch professional athletes.  The workouts are flexible in their application and designed to be accessible for all levels.  The program is ideal for Olympic, Half Ironman or Ironman distance athletes, competitive cyclists or pure fitness enthusiasts.

Check out a Sample Week.

The purplepatch guided training plans are designed to provide a complete solution to your training, racing and performance needs.  The purplepatch guided training program is built around the purplepatch pillars of performance that set up the opportunity for maximal success for all levels of athlete.  Once you begin your plan, you become a part of the purplepatch family of athletes, and will gain ongoing guidance, feedback and support directly from Matt Dixon and the purplepatch team throughout your training and racing journey.

The purplepatch guided training plan includes:

Progressive Training Plan

  • Specific progressive workouts
  • Tailored levels of intensity and training load for different athletes based on benchmark assessment, ability, athletic experience, lifestyle, and hours available for training to deliver a sustainable approach to achieve your fitness goals 
  • Includes a mixture of workouts, at a variety of intensities, etc, to focus on specific aspects of fitness, skills, and efficiency
  • Each week will have clearly marked "Key" workouts that should be made a priority, other workouts will have more flexibility in terms of moving to a different day, or replacing with a group ride
  • Workout intensities are driven by zones, which will be established following the benchmark assessments (as explained in benchmarking guide included in the plan) to ensure a targeted and specificity training load.

Support and Feedback

  • Office hours:  Weekly office hours and video chat with Matt Dixon, where you can ask questions on your plan, training progression or any performance topic of interest.
  • Plan support:  a dedicated plan-support email for purplepatch athletes, where you can ask questions about your training and plan.


  • Coaches Bulletin:  An educational weekly bulletin by Matt Dixon, reviewing recent questions asked by current athletes, Matt’s thoughts about training and any athlete-specific news you might need to hear
  • Education stream and library:  You will be sent a stream of plan and performance specific podcasts, videos and resources to help you prepare for and gain a deeper understanding of your event.

Community and Accountability

  • Benchmark and tracking:  We will help you set training zones, record your results and provide feedback on your progression
  • Athlete connections:  Join our athlete community page and connect with other athletes prepping for events, gaining support, camaraderie and advice.

Specific Resources

  • Nutrition and Fueling Guide.  We have yet to meet an endurance athletes that is properly fueling themselves. In this guide we'll show you some simple strategies on proper fueling, hydration and nutritional approaches  to optimize performance, speed up recovery, avoid GI issues and improve body composition.
  • Recovery Guide  It sounds simplistic, but effective training is always balanced with integrated recovery to allow maximal gains.  This educational guide explores the purplepatch view on recovery, why is is important, and how to judge if you are ready for hard training. Raising the importance of recovery is not a short-cut to success, but it is a path to optimal performance.
  • Functional strength guide.  An essential supplement to your training progression, we will set you off on the right foot, with some suggestions of how to get going on functional strength.

Other considerations

Consistent time to dedicate to training:

  • Example of an average training time per week is 1.5 to 4 hours, but your schedule should support training weeks of up to 5 hours 


Recommended Equipment
Cycling - Trainer, Power Meter

General - Heart Rate Monitor

If you already own a plan,you can discuss other options with plansupport if you don't have access to equipment or if you have any questions