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Get ready for your IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder  with a truly ‘anti-generic’ purplepatch Fitness Training Plan

At purplepatch, we don’t believe in generic training, as all athletes have their own life schedule, hours available and performance level. Don’t settle for a ‘one size fits all’ training solution for your IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder preparation. Make sure you are prepared with the purplepatch Half IRONMAN training plan.

Get access to the same triathlon training programs, education and guidance purplepatch (Matt Dixon) has used to secure over 75 Ironman/Ironman 70.3 podium finishes for the purplepatch professional athletes in the past two years.

Our personalized race build plans are the ONLY RACE plans on the market built to accommodate your unique life schedule, level of performance and hours available to guide you week by week all the way to race day.

Program duration: 12 weeks.

Product Description

Training Starts: March 21, 2016! SIGN UP TODAY!
How it works: We bill you $185 per month. ($555)
Once race day is over let us know if you plan to take a break or even better plan on staying with us throughout the 2016 season.

The purplepatch IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder Training Plan Includes:

Personalized Training Plan

Get Started on the right foot: With our plan you will have an in depth on-boarding call with a purplepatch coach to discuss the your life schedule and your goals for the race and beyond.

  • Specificity: Your plan will be tailored to your life schedule, hours available and level. It will track week by week in a countdown to race day. We will ensure you are training at the right intensity for every workout with field tests to establish training zones (power, pace, HR, RPE all available) and detailed descriptions of goals for every workout.
  • Guidance: Every week of training comes with a Weekly Video Overview from Matt Dixon on how to approach the week, focus of the main sessions and other education
  • Functional Strength:Fully integrated into your race plan and designed to progress toward race day.

Support and Feedback

  • Meetings with Matt: Weekly (group) video chat with Matt Dixon, where you can ask questions on your plan, training progression or any performance topic of interest ahead of the meeting and review the recording afterward in the Athlete Portal.
  • Plan support: Unlimited email support where you can ask questions about your training and plan, and gain feedback on progression.


  • IRONMAN 70.3 Specific Education: Throughout your journey, you will receive a consistent drip-feed of foundational and race specific education, so that you don’t just arrived trained, but have all the tools to be successful on race day. This includes nutrition, race day pacing, fueling, recovery etc.
  • Coaches Bulletin:An educational weekly bulletin by Matt Dixon, reviewing recent questions asked by current athletes, Matt’s thoughts about training and any athlete-specific news you might need to hear.
  • Boulder Race Advice: Learn course insights and race day strategies from Matt Dixon and the purplepatch Pro athletes.
  • Race Meet Up: Before race day you will be invited to a purplepatch meet up at the race site, led by Matt Dixon, to provide a course overview, answer specific questions, and connect with other athletes. Of course, we will have a social gathering following to celebrate!

purplepatch Featured Races

For the 2016 season we are coordinating our efforts and maximizing the purplepatch community effect at certain races throughout the country. purplepatch A Feature Races are races that Matt Dixon and/or Paul Buick will attend. These races will have a lot of participation from purplepatch athletes and are a great way to show your purplepatch pride!

  • Oceanside
  • Saint George - North America Pro Championship
  • Alcatraz
  • Vineman 70.3
  • Hawaii IRONMAN
  • IRONMAN Arizona

purplepatch Popular Races are races that will have a large number of purplepatch athletes and will have pre-race meet ups and socials hosted by assistant coaches or purplepatch ambassadors.

  • IRONMAN Texas
  • Raleigh 70.3
  • IRONMAN Canada (Whistler)
  • Vineman 70.3
  • IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships Australia
  • Santa Cruz 70.3

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