2019 Purple Patch Hawaii Training Camp

9th edition of the Purple Patch Kona Training Camp on the Big Island.


Where: Kailua-Kona, HI
When: March 5th, 2019 until March 10th, 2019
Price: $3,500 (Travel and accommodations not included)

What it's all About

After eight wonderful editions of the highly popular Purple Patch Hawaii Triathlon Empowerment Camp, we have decided to mix things up a little while still maintaining the essence and magic of all the previous camps. In previous years, the camps have been based at the Mauna Lani Hotel and Bungalows, some 35 miles north of Kailua Kona.  This year, we are shifting venues and bringing it into town!  For the 2019 edition of the camp, we are going to be based at the Royal Kona Hotel and Resort in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

Due to the highly structured schedule of camp, athletes are required to book their accommodations at the Royal Kona Resort.

The shift in venue will open up the opportunity of extensive training on the course of the Hawaii IRONMAN World Championships, including on-course swims and rides and specific run sessions taking up all the main features of the World Championships.  While a lovely addition to the camp, the main focus of the camp experience remains the same and is centered around:

  • Education:  In-depth education and guidance, led by Matt Dixon and Paul Buick on all features of performance and training.
  • Skills Development:  Hands-on coaching of technique, terrain management, training, and racing strategies.
  • Coaching:  An immersive training experience to deliver a wonderful dose of early season work, but more importantly, some training lessons to take home and apply to your weekly sessions.

We label it an empowerment camp as it remains the central mission of the camp experience.  While it is a great experience and a chance for some good work, the real performance benefits arrive out of the education, lessons and new habits that can be applied at home.  This camp will empower you to return home and maximize your training.

This camp is highly desired and typically sells out quickly, so if you are interested in a memorable education and training experience, do not hesitate to register immediately.

Professional Hands-On Coaching

  • Head coach and founder of Purple Patch Fitness provides the structure, format, and training direction of the camp. Matt will oversee all aspects of the education and training at the camp.

  • Purple Patch assistant coach and cycling expert will oversee your cycling education and will work with you on fit, posture and bike technique. Paul is an integral part of the Purple Patch coaching program, and works with the entire pro squad.


You will be busy from morning 'til night with a highly structured schedule, but one that will include some “down time” to rest and recharge.  A detailed agenda will be provided as we near the camp date,  but here is what the camp will encompass:

  • Education: We will cover a wide range of key educational concepts, including the all-important and too often overlooked nutrition and recovery requirements for triathletes, permitting you to leave a little fitter and stronger, as well as empowered to make smart training decisions on your own.
  • Skills: We will coach you in the technical elements of the relevant sports of triathlon: swimming techniques and open water skills; cycling climbing, descending and time trial techniques; and running drills and pacing.
  • Training: We will be with you to guide and coach you through epic cycling on the IRONMAN World Championship’s course, as well as during your swimming and running training.
  • Personal Touch: We will leave selective “open” time for you to meet with and work with the coaches in small groups or as individuals.
  • Special Something: If our past Kona camps are a predictor, you will bond with your teammates and leave with magical memories of a truly unique Kona Purple Patch triathlon training experience.



What's Included

  • Breakfast throughout the entire camp
  • Purple Patch Fitness athletes' camp banquet
  • SAG for all rides
  • Wherever possible, assistance with airport transportation
  • Daily athlete fuel provided for all sessions, including fruit, water, energy bars, gels etc.
  • Purple Patch Fitness Kona camp swag
  • Small group breakout coaching sessions with even more personal attention

Have Questions? Get in Touch.