About Kyla

Kyla spent her undergrad at U.C. Davis working with Dr. Liz Applegate educating collegiate athletes on proper pre, during and post fueling and hydration strategies to best support performance. Kyla worked with athletes on day-to-day healthy eating as well as game day or race day strategies to accelerate endurance and recovery. Post graduation, Kyla spent time working with Dr. Stacy Sims, MSc, PhD, Osmo Founder where she discovered her passion for the nutrition requirement specificities for men and women in sports. Kyla founded and created Nutritional Revolution, a sports nutrition consulting company where she works with beginner to advanced level triathletes, crossFit athletes, marathon runners and those looking to just slim down or gain muscle. Kyla’s favorite forms of exercise involve getting outside, whether it be on a trail run, mountain bike ride, or a few laps in the pool.

Kyla's Services

Comprehensive Nutrition Solution by Kyla Channell, Sports Nutritionist

Nutrition, Fueling, or Hydration.  Sort out any dietary issues or questions.

Comprehensive Nutritional Solution Includes:

  • 75 Minutes Initial consultation
  • 30 Minute follow up Skype session (2 weeks after initial consult)
  • Detailed nutrition plan

Skype Consult or In-Person in the SF bay area.


75min + 30 min Follow-up 2 Weeks Following

Kyla Channel Nutrition Consultation Follow-Up

Nutrition, Fueling, or Hydration. Sort out any dietary issues or questions.

This 30-minute follow-up session is part of a Comprehensive Nutritional Solution with Kyla Chanel, and should be scheduled about 2 weeks after your initial consultation. 

Skype Consult or In-Person in the SF bay area.

30 min