Premium Coaching

Designed for the busy athlete who wants the enhanced customization and feedback of an individual coaching relationship. You will be guided by one of our hand chosen assistant coaches, utilizing the workouts of Matt Dixon. You will ave ongoing feedback.


Price: $350/month (3 month minimum )

Who's it for?

If you are looking for an individual coaching relationship, this package is a great place to start. You will be guided by one of Matt Dixon’s hand chosen assistants, all under the guidance and supervision of Matt. Your workouts are all built by Matt Dixon, then curated and refined by your coach, with the entire coaching team reviewing your progress on a weekly basis. The Premium Coaching Package is ideal for:

  • An athlete who wants or needs regular individual feedback and communication with a coach.
  • Someone who may have consistent fluctuations in training schedule or life commitments
  • A complex or unique set of training goals or backgrounds that require great personalization in the approach to training and performance.


Program Highlights

  • On-boarding Call with Your Personal Coach
  • Personal Season Roadmap for Training and RacesYour season roadmap highlights your races, training focus and other key details of your purplepatch journey
  • Custom Training Plan Built Bi-WeeklyTraining plan built utilizing workouts designed by Matt Dixon and tailored to your weekly schedule, life and travel logistics
  • Integrated Functional Strength ProgramOur season-long strength program was custom designed by Dr. John Ball and Matt Dixon to fit the specific demands of triathletes
  • Training Zone Assessment and PrescriptionEarly in your training journey you will complete field test to establish specific training intensities, delivered in power/pace, heart rate and RPE (rate of perceived exertion). Field tests include a 20 minute time trial in cycling, 20 minute time trial in running, and a 400 and 100 for time in swimming. These assessments are repeated periodically in your program
  • Bi-Weekly Personal Feedback and Check-In with Your CoachAn opportunity to discuss training progression, gain feedback and look ahead to upcoming training via phone or email
  • Matt Dixon Bi-Weekly Review of Your Training ProgressMatt Dixon reviews your progression and discusses upcoming training focus with your coach
  • Access to Twice Weekly Small Group Video Sessions with Matt DixonJoin live, or ask your questions in advance, for individual performance advice from Matt Dixon
  • Fit and Fresh Trackingpurplepatch proprietary solution to data tracking. Our weekly self assessment analyzes your sleep, mood, diet and adapation to training load.
  • 1:1 Consultation Options with Matt DixonA la carte basis, additional fees apply  
  • Race CalendarCommunity race calendar so you can record your races and results, as well as connect with purplepatch athletes from around the world
  • Access to purplepatch CommunityOur amazing athletes are our lifeblood. Join the family!
  • Weekly purplepatch Coaching BulletinEducational bulletin relevant to the week, written by Matt Dixon
  • Matt Dixon designed triathlon education curriculumOur education curriculum covers every subject of triathlon performance and is delivered on a weekly basis, over the course of the entire season

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