Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to (the Site).

We understand that privacy online is important to users of our Site, especially when conducting business.

This statement governs our privacy policies with respect to users of the Site who visit without transacting business (Visitors) and other users who register to transact business on the Site and make use of the various services offered by (Authorized Customers).

Personally Identifiable Information

The term “Personally Identifiable Information” refers to any information that identifies or can be used to identify, contact, or locate an individual, including, but not limited to, name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, financial profiles, social security number, and credit card information. Personally Identifiable Information does not include information that is collected anonymously (that is, without naming or otherwise identifying individual users) or demographic information not linked to identified individuals.

What Personally Identifiable Information is collected?
We may collect basic user profile information from all of our Site users – both Visitors and Authorized Customers. We collect the following additional information from our Authorized Customers: names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, the nature and size of their businesses, and the nature and size of the advertising inventory that the Authorized Customer intends to purchase or sell.

What organizations are collecting the information?
In addition to our direct collection of information, our third party service vendors (such as credit card companies, clearinghouses, and banks) who may provide credit, insurance, and escrow services are in a position to collect Personally Identifiable Information from our Visitors and Authorized Customers. We do not control how these third parties use the information, but we do ask them to disclose how they use personal information provided to them from Visitors and Authorized Customers to facilitate business transactions. Some of these third parties may be intermediaries that act solely as links in the distribution chain, and in that capacity they have no reason to store, retain, or use the information given to them.

How does the Site use Personally Identifiable Information?
We use Personally Identifiable Information to customize the Site, to make appropriate service offerings, and to fulfill buying and selling requests on the Site. We may email Visitors and Authorized Customers about research or purchase and selling opportunities on the Site or information related to the subject matter of the Site. We may also use Personally Identifiable Information to contact Visitors and Authorized Customers in response to specific inquiries, or to provide requested information.

With whom may the information be shared?
Personally Identifiable Information about Authorized Customers may be shared with other Authorized Customers who wish to evaluate potential transactions with individuals of like interests. We may share aggregated information about our Visitors, including the demographics of our Visitors and Authorized Customers, with our affiliated agencies and third party vendors. We also offer Visitors and Authorized Customers the opportunity to "opt out" of receiving information or being contacted by us or by any agency acting on our behalf.

How is Personally Identifiable Information stored?
Personally Identifiable Information collected by is securely stored and is not accessible to third parties or employees of except for the uses indicated above.

What choices are available to individual users regarding future use of their information?
Visitors and Authorized Customers may opt out of receiving unsolicited information from or being contacted by us and/or our vendors and affiliated agencies by responding to emails as instructed, or by contacting us directly at

Are Cookies used on the Site?
Cookies are not currently used, but may be used in the future for a variety of reasons: to obtain information about the preferences of our Visitors and the services they select or for security purposes to protect our Authorized Customers. For example, if an Authorized Customer is logged on and the site is unused for more than 10 minutes, we will automatically log the Authorized Customer off.

How does use login information? uses login information, including but not limited to IP addresses, ISPs, and browser types, to analyze trends, administer the Site, track a user's movement and use, and gather broad demographic information.

What partners or service providers have access to Personally Identifiable Information from Visitors and/or Authorized Customers on the Site? has entered into and will continue to enter into partnerships and other affiliations with a number of vendors.  Such vendors may have access to certain Personally Identifiable Information on a need to know basis so as to evaluate Authorized Customers for service eligibility.  Our privacy policy does not cover their collection or use of this information.

Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information to comply with law.
We will disclose Personally Identifiable Information in order to comply with a court order or subpoena or a request from a law enforcement agency to release certain information. We will also disclose Personally Identifiable Information when reasonably necessary to protect the safety of our Visitors and Authorized Customers.

How does the Site keep Personally Identifiable Information secure?
All of our employees are familiar with our security policy and practices. The Personally Identifiable Information of our Visitors and Authorized Customers is accessible to a limited number of qualified employees who must have a password to gain access to the information. We audit our security systems and processes on a regular basis. Sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, is protected by encryption protocols commonly used to protect information sent over the Internet. While we take commercially reasonable measures to maintain a secure site, electronic communications and databases are subject to error, tampering and break-ins. We cannot guarantee or warrant that such events will not take place, and we specifically disclaim any and all liability to our Visitors or Authorized Customers for any such occurrences.

How can Visitors correct any inaccuracies in Personally Identifiable Information?
Visitors and Authorized Customers may contact us to update Personally Identifiable Information about them or to correct any inaccuracies by emailing us at

Can a Visitor delete or deactivate Personally Identifiable Information collected by the Site?
We provide Visitors and Authorized Customers with a mechanism to delete/deactivate Personally Identifiable Information from the Site's database by contacting However, because of backups and records of deletions, it may be impossible to delete a Visitor's entry without retaining some residual information in our archival records. An individual who requests to have Personally Identifiable Information deactivated will have this information functionally deleted, and we will not sell, transfer, or use Personally Identifiable Information relating to that individual in any way moving forward.

What happens if the Privacy Policy Changes?
We will let our Visitors and Authorized Customers know about changes to our Privacy Policy by posting such changes on the Site. However, if we are changing our Privacy Policy in a manner that might cause disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information that a Visitor or Authorized Customer has previously requested to be protected against disclosure, we will contact such Visitor or Authorized Customer to allow the user to take appropriate steps to prevent such disclosure.

Information about our Organization and Web Site

Modern information and communication technologies play a fundamental role in the activities of an organization like purplepatch fitness:

Our Organization Name is purplepatch fitness
We are based in the USA
Our principal activity is Fitness Consulting Services
Our Privacy Policy covers purplepatch fitness and its Web Site:
Our Address is 4273 25th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
Our Controller is Mathew Dixon
Our Web Site is

Providing Visitors with Anonymous Access
You can access our Web Site home page and browse our site without disclosing your personal data.

The services and links of our Web Site
Our Web Site does not enable our visitors to communicate with other visitors or to post information to be accessed by others. Our Web Site does not include links to third party Web service providers.

Automatic Collection of Information

We do not automatically log personal data nor do we link information automatically logged by other means with personal data about specific individuals. As noted above, we do not currently use cookies on our Web Site.

Data Collection and Purpose Specification

We collect the personal data that users may volunteer while using our services.

We do not collect information about our Visitors and Authorized Customers from other sources, such as public records or bodies, or private organizations.

To learn about personal data collected the purposes for which the data is used, see the table below.

We may collect and use personal data for these additional purposes:

  • Market Research
  • New Product Development
  • New Programming.

If we wish to use personal data for new purposes, we offer users the means to consent to those new purposes by:

  1. indicating in a box at the point on the Site where personal data is collected or
  2. sending an email to

Children's Privacy

This Site is not directed at children. Visitors and Authorized Customers are required to be eighteen years or older.

We do not knowingly collect personal data from children.
We do not take specific steps to protect the privacy of children who disclose their personal data to us.
We do not provide information about our personal data practices in relation to children on our home page, or at those sites on our Web site where we collect personal data.

Disclosure and Visitor Choice
We do not disclose users’ personal data to our subsidiaries or other organizations.


We give users the option of using a secure transmission method to send us the following types of personal data:

  • primary personal data (such as name and contact details)
  • other personal and profiling data (such as physical description, leisure activities)
  • identifiers (such as credit card details, Web Site password)
  • specific personal data (such as racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, medical data).

We have implemented security policies, rules and technical measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control from:

  • unauthorized access
  • improper use or disclosure
  • unauthorized modification
  • unauthorized destruction and accidental loss.

All our employees and data processors with access to or involvement in the processing of personal data are required to respect the confidentiality of our users' personal data.

We ensure that personal data will not be disclosed to State institutions and authorities except as required by law or other regulation.

Any user who wants to know if we have his or her personal data in our records can inquire by sending an email to:

On such request and after verifying proof of identity, we will provide the user with a readable copy of the personal data we keep about that user. There is no charge for providing this information.

We allow users to ask for the following changes to their personal data by having such data:

  • erased
  • rectified or amended
  • completed.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide our Visitors and Authorized Customers with copies of their personal data. When we exercise this right, we will tell users the reasons for refusing their requests.

We will reconsider if a user chooses to challenge our decision to refuse to provide a copy of personal data but there is no guarantee that we will reverse our original decision if the reasons continue to be sound.

Privacy Compliance

There are no national laws or self-regulatory schemes applicable to our Site or organization.
There are no global or regional regulatory or self-regulatory schemes applicable to our Site or organization.
The commitments stated here and our willingness to act on those commitments constitute our good faith efforts to comply with our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Support

If you have an enquiry or concern about our Privacy Policy, please contact:


Name/designation: Matt Dixon/Owner
Email address:

TABLE of personal data collected and purposes for which they are used:

We only collect data that is volunteered by a visitor and used only for the following purposes

Primary Personal Data Technical Administration of the Web Site Research & Development Customer Administration Direct Marketing Trading in Personal Data
Name       X  
E-mail address       X  
Personal details       X  


Disclosure and Visitor Choice

We offer individual users the opportunity to consent to the disclosure of their personal data for new purposes. This is consistent with the OECD Use Limitation Principle.


Storage of Payment Card details

purplepatch does not store your credit card details, but they are held securely by the billing service provider who has achieved Level 1 PCI Compliance, which is the highest level of compliance with the payment card industry’s security standards for credit card data. This is the same level as banks and payment gateways. PCI Level 1 means that they’ve been audited by an outside firm and is found to meet or exceed their standards for data storage, employee background checks, processes for updating programs, etc.