Race Ready Plans

Get access to the same triathlon training programs, education and guidance Matt Dixon has used to secure hundreds of podium finishes and PR's for purplepatch athletes of all levels.


Price: $185/month (for as long or as little as you want)

What it's all About

While we love to help athletes on a long-term coaching performance journey, we realize that many simply want or need to train for a single goal event. Until now, most race plan options offer generic training solutions that likely won’t be suitable for your journey and preparation. You can now get prepared with a training solution that integrates into your life and takes you on a customized journey to your best performance.

What You Get

Your RACE READY PROGRAM offers a complete solution to your training, racing and performance needs. ALL of our IRONMAN, IRONMAN 70.3 and OLYMPIC plans offer:

  • A customized program that fits into your weekly schedule, training time and race plans
  • Comprehensive race specific education on all aspect of performance readiness
  • Unlimited support to answer all your training and race ready questions
  • Options for 1:1 consultations and help to refine your race strategy and plan

How it Works

Whenever you are ready to get training, you can get cracking! The process goes like this:

  1. You sign up to our monthly subscription of $185 per month from start time to your race day.
  2. We have an initial coaching consultation to understand your background, goals and racing plans.
  3. We build your customized program, suited to your life schedule, leading toward your race goal(s).
  4. You arrive at your race fully prepared for a special day.
  5. Once you complete your race journey you can keep training, or opt out at anytime.

The purplepatch guided training programs are built around the purplepatch pillars of performance that set up the opportunity for maximal success for all levels of athlete. Once you begin your plan, you become a part of the purplepatch family of athletes, and will gain ongoing guidance, feedback and support directly from Matt Dixon and the purplepatch team throughout your training and racing journey. These guided programs are the perfect plans for a set, specific race build, however, if you are looking for a season long approach, check-out our triathlon coaching options.

When Should I Sign Up?

The earlier the better, of course, but we view 14 weeks as the minimal time to adequately prepare to be race ready at any distance.

Program Highlights


  • Season Roadmap

    Personal annual roadmap based on race calendar, training focus and goals 

  • Training Program

    Workout schedule tailored to Race Plan, Hours Available and Typical Weekly Schedule.

    Delivered via Purple Patch portal and/or email.
  • Program Refinements

    Refinements based on your race calendar, typical weekly training schedule, and hours of training available.

  • Advanced Program Refinements

    Adjusted by your Purple Patch coach for factors such as fatigue, travel, and injury (when you are not in your regular routine)  

    A La Carte*
  • Functional Strength

    Fully Integrated Purple Patch progressive strength program into each week of your training plan.


  • Designated Coach

    A designated coach who has been hand-selected and trained by Matt Dixon, and matched to your athletic needs and personality. 

    A La Carte*
  • Feedback and Individual Guidance

    Unlimited feedback and review with your designated Purple Patch coach.

    A La Carte*
  • Regular Check-Ins

    Weekly check-in with your coach to review roadmap, workouts and make adjustments as needed.

    A La Carte*
  • Custom Race Day Planning

    Creation of personalized race plan including zones, fueling, and pacing.

    Course overview and general recommendations available on portal and in pre-race briefings.
    A La Carte*
  • Weekly Self-Assessment

    Weekly written feedback from a Purple Patch coach on athlete questions, training progress and challenges.


  • Education

    Delivered via the comprehensive Purple Patch education program.

  • Community

    Access to the private Purple Patch Facebook page, online portal community pages, race meetups and free San Francisco group training options.

  • Nutrition

    Via Purple Patch education program and options for a la carte consulting with Purple Patch dietician.

  • Bike Fitting and Posture

    Our resident Purple Patch cycling expert is now available for a complete range of services for all triathletes and cyclists.

    A La Carte*
  • Training Camps

    Access to some of the best coaches and experts in performance, and offer a healthy blend of education, skills and technique, training, and fun. Check out the Camps page for more info.

    A La Carte*

A La Carte Coaching Consultations and Advanced Program Refinement offerings available in 30 minute blocks: $50 per block.

$185 per month for the duration of your training program. 
You can stop your program at any time with no strings attached.


How will I receive my training plan ?
We have built a custom Plan Delivery platform that is built into your athlete portal. The portal hosts education, support access, weekly overview videos and your personalized training plan.
Where can I learn more about purplepatch fitness
Check-out our website, with special focus on "Pillars of Performance" Visit our our website, we have loads of great blogs, articles, and other resources freely available, but if you are just finding out about purplepatch, its worth spending some time on our Pillars of performance page, to get a primer on our philosophy.
This all seems very good, but I'm still not sure this program is for me. Where can I get more details ?
Drop us a line at info@purplepatchfitness.com. Someone on the purplepatch team will respond within 24 hours.

Coaching Options

Online Coaching
Train with purplepatch from anywhere in the world with comprehensive coaching options for all competitive levels and abilities.
Race Specific Plans
Arrive fully prepared for your goal race with a customized training program, supported by ongoing feedback and race-specific education.
Matt Dixon
Be coached directly with Matt Dixon, with every program built from scratch specifically for you, your goals and life situation.
Training Camps
Our training camps are led by the purplepatch expert coaches and provide an unmatched opportunity for education, skills, training and fun.

Have Questions? Get in Touch.