What are you training for?

What's happening at Purplepatch?

Multiple days of “all triathlon, all the time” could be your idea of heaven… or perhaps hell ;) … but there’s no mistaking the value of an immersive triathlon camp experience where learning and practice go hand in hand across the triathlon disciplines of swim, bike and run.  
We’ve been focusing on Recovery this month at purplepatch fitness. After all, I am the #RecoveryCoach! In recent weeks we have discussed the importance of sleep, nutrition and ‘going easy when the training plan demands’. These three things are, to my mind, the most valuable things that you can do to aid your recovery between the challenging training sessions in any given part of the season.
In my coaching experience, there are two very common mistakes that I see with endurance athletes: 1. Fail to fuel POST workout. 2. Going TOO HARD in the lighter sessions. I consider both of these mistakes to be performance limiters. We talked about nutrition last week so now we will address the second mistake, failing to clearly differentiate the intensity levels between hard and easy sessions.