What are you training for?

What's happening at Purplepatch?

Matt Dixon and Paul Buick are coaching another mini camp in the bay area. This 3 day clinic will focus on Education and Skills development to provide you with the tools you need  to be a more effective  and smarter triathlete. Click the title to learn more now.
At purplepatch, we like to keep a ‘long lens’ on athlete development and encourage our athletes to keep the bigger picture in mind.   See how we can help.
“The Well Built Triathlete” Matt Dixon’s upcoming book, is finally hitting the shelves in late April and already available for pre-order on Amazon.com.(Cover to change, new cover features one of the purplepatch’s pro’s) In alignment with the purplepatch philosophy, Matt’s book speaks to the individual and will assist its readers in determining their own best ways to train, use their time, improve and reach new levels of athletic performance.  It’s a must read!