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As we venture towards the start of the race season with many important races on the horizon, it’s time to focus on all areas of your life. This month Triathlete Europe’s resident coach, Matt Dixon, looks at the common mistakes athletes make in their life, training, nutrition and approach to racing. Many of these mistakes are preventable and once corrected will have a positive impact on your season. Now is the time to start work on maximising your potential to get the best from your training and racing. 

Simply training more or going harder in every session alone will not help you race consistently faster. There are many more factors that contribute to a good training programme and are all an important part of the overall plan. This month Triathlete Europe’s resident coach, Matt Dixon, looks at how focusing on becoming using a focused all in approach can help. He explains how this approach helped professional athletes Chris Lieto and Meredith Kessler, and how you can learn from their lessons to race faster. 

Functional strength can be a great way to improve your triathlon training and racing. With so many forms of functional strength training being offered it can be difficult to know what will work best. This month Triathlete Europe’sresident coach, Matt Dixon, breaks down the subject, and explains how a carefully planned and evolving functional strength programme will help you improve in all areas of training to become a faster racer.

This month Triathlete Europe coach Matt Dixon offers an inside look into the training of Australia’s Tim Reed from his purplepatch stable of athletes. Reed. He has only been working with Dixon over the last year, but has seen significant improvements and race success.  The goal here is not to guide you to becoming a pro, or even training like one, but to offer some insight into how the approach is unique with each athlete. Plus you can draw a few lessons that you can apply to your own training and planning. 

Over the last couple of seasons Triathlete Europe’s Matt Dixon has reviewed the progression and performance evolution of a few of his purplepatch professionals. The aim of this has been to provide an interesting insight into what goes into true career development, as well as to highlight some lessons for you to draw upon from their stories. This month Dixon focuses on Great Britain’s Emma-Kate Lidbury, who recently put down longer-term routes in the US. Lidbury, who recently won Ironman 70.3 events at Texas and Kansas, is one of the small army of talented UK longer-distance triathletes.