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In his next installment of contributions to first off the bike, Matt addresses the question of  ‘race weight’.

If balance has been the secret to Meredith Kessler’s breakthrough to elite status in triathlon, she’s not kidding about having to work for it. Kessler, a former investment banker turned Ironman star, is as afraid to miss sending out a birthday card as she is to miss a workout. Given her neighborly manner, she may be an unlikely candidate to win the Hawaii Ironman. But here she comes anyway.


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You might be a fish in the pool, but swimming in open water is another beast entirely.

Triathlon coach Matt Dixon answers a question about utilizing fat as a source of energy by reducing calorie intake during long workouts.

As we venture towards the start of the race season with many important races on the horizon, it’s time to focus on all areas of your life. This month Triathlete Europe’s resident coach, Matt Dixon, looks at the common mistakes athletes make in their life, training, nutrition and approach to racing. Many of these mistakes are preventable and once corrected will have a positive impact on your season. Now is the time to start work on maximising your potential to get the best from your training and racing.