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This month Triathlete Europe coach Matt Dixon offers an inside look into the training of Australia’s Tim Reed from his purplepatch stable of athletes. Reed. He has only been working with Dixon over the last year, but has seen significant improvements and race success.  The goal here is not to guide you to becoming a pro, or even training like one, but to offer some insight into how the approach is unique with each athlete. Plus you can draw a few lessons that you can apply to your own training and planning. 

Over the last couple of seasons Triathlete Europe’s Matt Dixon has reviewed the progression and performance evolution of a few of his purplepatch professionals. The aim of this has been to provide an interesting insight into what goes into true career development, as well as to highlight some lessons for you to draw upon from their stories. This month Dixon focuses on Great Britain’s Emma-Kate Lidbury, who recently put down longer-term routes in the US. Lidbury, who recently won Ironman 70.3 events at Texas and Kansas, is one of the small army of talented UK longer-distance triathletes.

Triathletes train to better their performances and often one of the biggest steps in their evolution and pathway to success is employing a coach. Not all coaches are the same and a coach that works for one athlete will not necessarily work for you.  This month Triathlete Europe’s resident coach, Matt Dixon, looks at coaching, and the components that should thrive in all coaching programmes to help you become the best athlete you can be with the time you have available.

Race day is the big event for triathletes and the time when we get to put all our hard training to the test. Just like training, where swim sets are religiously repeated on the clock, kilometres and power are recorded on the bike and run intervals hit to the nearest second, race day needs to be executed in a similar fashion. It’s not just a case of turn and let the day unfold, it’s about being prepared and setting everything up to allow you to get the most on the day based on your training and preparation.

Ever wanted to be a fly on a wall when two folks at the top of their field sit down to chat ? Now is your chance, listen to this engaging, entertaining and eductional conversation between Matt Dixon and Matthew Weatherly-White, one of Restwise cofounders, pioneer in the movement to quantify recovery in the endurance sports, and elite coach in his own right (coach of Rebecca Rusch, one of the worlds top endurance athletes).  Well worth a listen!  (53m)