Purple Patch Coaching

A one-to-one coached experience utilizing the Purple Patch methodology, including a training plan tailored to your daily schedule, and unlimited communication and feedback with your coach

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Price: $400/month (3 month minimum )

Who's it for?

When choosing the Purple Patch Coaching Program, you will be entering a powerful partnership. We will pair you with your own individual coach, who will act as guide and mentor, leading you via a completely custom daily training program. You will receive in-depth feedback, guidance, and tailored education to empower you to your best athletic and human potential.   

Purple Patch Coaching is suitable for:

  • Those wanting a high-touch personal coaching relationship with unlimited feedback and contact
  • An athlete looking to maximize limited training availability to secure optimal results
  • Anyone with highly complex training needs or work/life challenges

Your primary coach will be one of Matt Dixon’s handpicked coaches, but your progress will be closely tracked and reviewed by Matt throughout the journey. Your weekly and daily training will be built utilizing Matt’s workouts, then curated and refined by your coach. Once built, the program is treated as a ‘live document’, with the coach always able to evolve or adjust based on your training progression or schedule.  

Rather than shackle the effectiveness of the coaching relationship with structured communication, we only coach one way. You enjoy unlimited access for feedback and communication with your primary coach, have unrestricted opportunities for program refinements, and can expect ongoing performance review and education. Your coach is also empowered with ongoing support and mentorship directly from Matt Dixon, who oversees the program and ensures your own training and progression is on track.

Program Highlights


  • Season Roadmap

    Personal annual roadmap based on race calendar, training focus and goals 

    Reviewed weekly by athlete, coach and Matt Dixon.
  • Training Program

    Workout schedule tailored to Race Plan, Hours Available and Typical Weekly Schedule.

    Customized by your coach, progressing to your race goals and integrated into daily life. Delivered via Today's Plan premium account.
  • Program Refinements

    Refinements based on your race calendar, typical weekly training schedule, and hours of training available.

  • Advanced Program Refinements

    Adjusted by your Purple Patch coach for factors such as fatigue, travel, and injury (when you are not in your regular routine)  

    Daily and weekly schedule is a living roadmap based on your training progression and feedback.
  • Functional Strength

    Fully Integrated Purple Patch progressive strength program into each week of your training plan.

    Advanced customization by your coach as needed.


  • Designated Coach

    A designated coach who has been hand-selected and trained by Matt Dixon, and matched to your athletic needs and personality. 

  • Feedback and Individual Guidance

    Unlimited feedback and review with your designated Purple Patch coach.

  • Regular Check-Ins

    Weekly check-in with your coach to review roadmap, workouts and make adjustments as needed.

  • Custom Race Day Planning

    Creation of personalized race plan including zones, fueling, and pacing.

  • Weekly Self-Assessment

    Weekly written feedback from a Purple Patch coach on athlete questions, training progress and challenges.


  • Education

    Delivered via the comprehensive Purple Patch education program.

    Additional tailored education delivered via your coach.
  • Community

    Access to the private Purple Patch Facebook page, online portal community pages, race meetups and free San Francisco group training options.

  • Nutrition

    Via Purple Patch education program and options for a la carte consulting with Purple Patch dietician.

    Tailored via your coach.
  • Bike Fitting and Posture

    Our resident Purple Patch cycling expert is now available for a complete range of services for all triathletes and cyclists.

    A La Carte*
  • Training Camps

    Access to some of the best coaches and experts in performance, and offer a healthy blend of education, skills and technique, training, and fun. Check out the Camps page for more info.

    A La Carte*

These are available for an additional cost. Get more info on Bike Posture and Fitting and Training Camps.

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