Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation

Dial in Your Nutrition and Fueling Strategy

What it's all About

As an athlete, food is fuel and lifestyle demands can derail even the strongest mind-body connection of wellness. In the comprehensive consult, we'll examine current sleep, eating, and training habits. With this background, we will create a plan that fits with your life to enhance body composition, recovery, sleep, and overall health. This is the foundation of health to allow your performance training to have optimal effect.

In addition, we will examine your habits in training and racing to include food/fluid preferences and create a specific race strategy for your distance and needs.

For our female athletes, we will cover women specific nutrition and fueling principles. The current recommendations for race and training nutrition are generalizations from science conducted primarily on men. Estrogen and progesterone have significant impacts on fluid balance, metabolism, and muscle repair/regeneration; post-menopausal women have an even greater challenge to maintain muscle integrity and lean mass. With this consult, we will develop a specific training/race plan based on your hormone fluctuations to allow you to get the most out of your training and minimize performance disturbances brought on by menstrual cycle hormone variations.

About Kyla Channell, Degreed Sports Nutritionist

Kyla spent her undergrad at U.C. Davis working with Dr. Liz Applegate educating collegiate athletes on proper pre, during and post fueling and hydration strategies to best support performance. Kyla worked with athletes on day-to-day healthy eating as well as game day or race day strategies to accelerate endurance and recovery. Post-graduation Kyla spent time working with Dr. Stacy Sims, MSc, PhD, Osmo Founder where she discovered her passion for the nutrition requirement specificities for men and women in sports. 

Virtual Services

Comprehensive Nutrition Solution by Kyla Channell, Sports Nutritionist

Nutrition, Fueling, or Hydration.  Sort out any dietary issues or questions.

Comprehensive Nutritional Solution Includes:

  • 75 Minutes Initial consultation
  • 30 Minute follow up Skype session (2 weeks after initial consult)
  • Detailed nutrition plan

Skype Consult or In-Person in the SF bay area.


75min + 30 min Follow-up 2 Weeks Following

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