Podcast: Nail Your Nutrition and Fueling

by: Matt Dixon


Welcome to Episode 11 of Purple Patch Podcast.  This week, Matt explores the distinct differences between fueling and nutrition and how to use both as an effective training tool.


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Nail Your Nutrition and Fueling - A Key Pillar of Performance

Training is an ongoing performance journey and therefore your eating should be, too.  But did you know there is a distinct difference between fueling and nutrition? In this episode, Matt explores the pitfalls and intention of both.

Highlights include:

  • Why is fueling during and post-workout so important?
  • What functions does proper fueling serve to my overall performance in work and in sport?
  • What are the common pitfalls and mistakes around fueling?
  • How do I know what to eat?
  • What are parameters and ABCs around proper fueling?
  • What are the causes and dangerous effects of improper fueling?
  • How do I know if I’ve got the formula right?
  • Nutrition as a global platform for health
  • What is the most important meal of the day?
  • What are the main benefits and effects of good nutrition balance?
  • How should I structure my eating throughout the day?
  • What are the warning signs that my nutrition is off?
  • What are the potential dangers of under or over-eating throughout the day?
  • What types of foods are best for me?

Episode 12:  We continue the discussion with Purple Patch resident Endurance Sports Nutritionist, Kyla Channel.

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