Purple Patch Podcast with Matt Dixon

by: Matt Dixon


The Purple Patch Podcast, hosted by author and triathlon coach, Matt Dixon, will empower and educate you to integrate sport into life in order to reach your athletic potential.  It is through the lens of athletic potential that you reach your human potential. In addition to topics such as planning your fitness into a time-starved life, the show will provide in-depth interviews, advice, and insight into optimizing your health, work, and life performance.  Matt will also share the critical habits and approaches that facilitate the success of some of the world's top performers across many disciplines.  And he’ll even have some fun along the way!  This is not going to be just another triathlon podcast.  Purple Patch Podcast is about exploring human potential.


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Episode Nine:  Ed Baker - An Executive's Thirst for Self-Improvement  An interesting exploration of self-evolution and the parallels between business executives and elite athletes.

Episode Eight:  Dr. Chris Winter - The Unbreakable Bond Between Sleep and Performance  An eye-opening discussion on how powerful sleep is and how to use it as a performance enhancer in sport, business, and life.

Episode Seven:  Carmel Galvin - Integrating an Athletic Mindset to Create Success  Hear how this mom of 3 and business executive uses her athletic mindset to overcome fears, succeed in business, and thrive in all areas of her busy life.
Episode Five & Six:  Performance Lessons from the Purple Patch Pros  A special edition of two episodes in which Purple Patch pros join Matt for a roundtable discussion about all aspects of training and life.

Episode Four:  Planning Your Endurance Training Season  Matt discusses the first Purple Patch Pillar of Performance:  Endurance.  He covers everything from how to set up your week to nailing the basics.  

Episode Three:  How a CEO Creates Sustainable High-Performance Sami Inkinen is interviewed by Matt.  Sami is the Founder of Virta Health, Co-founder of Trulia, and Amateur World Champion Triathlete.  He shares his strategies and mindset for sustaining high performance in sport, business, and life.

Episode Two:  Performance in a Time-Starved Life - The Fundamentals Around Training  Matt issues the challenge to shift our lens of training success away from simply “punching the clock” or achieving a certain number of training hours per week.  Word of the Week:  Fueling 

Episode One:  The Purple Patch Story  Matt takes a deep dive into the history of Purple Patch and shares how a struggle with chronic fatigue was ultimately the best thing to ever happen to him and his career.  Word of the Week:  Presence.

Introduction Episode:  An Introduction from Coach Matt Dixon  Matt gives a quick introduction to the podcast. 

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